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Look no further for THE most inspiring story...

My good friend is now 5 years into ttc with a m/c from ivf and was currently hormone injections to start her 2nd round of ivf next month.

She has undiagnosed infertility and has tried absolutely anything and everything over the years.

She came to tell me today that she has had to abandon her IVF- at which point I was devastated for her but she went on to tell me it's because she has gone and got herself one totally natural big, fat positive without even trying!!! It turns out she found out yesterday that she is 6 weeks pregnant with her miracle little bean!!!

It's really inspired me and for the first time in a long time I can say I'm 100% thrilled to bits (without the usual pangs of jealousy).

This is my living proof not to give up and that good things come to those who wait xxx ;\)


  • Aww wow thats amazing!!

    This has really brought a smile to my face.... image

    I had just logged on to post my first post for a while as ive been trying to chill out a bit more and take time away from here... although i have been popping on to read up on everyone... but was getting ready to have a real rant today as i know the witch is just around the corner!!

    Love Love Love hearing these positive stories....

    anymore around????


  • Amazing..... absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! image
  • I have just got the biggest goosebumps reading that post! Really amazing! xx
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