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def recommend doing something for you!!!

hey ladies,

i posted on here the other day about gettin my life back and its def helping
haven't got a bfp yet, but only on cd 12 so thats fairly impossible!
i've started pilates which is fantastic, did my first class the other day and my whole body aches now, found muscles i didn't realise i had, but my mind is already feeling more positive about life, i feel so positive about everything now, i hate the job i'm in, but have stayed..jus incase i fall pregnant, but now i'm thinking sod it all, i want a job i love, so i'm applyin for a few! and my positivity is def helpin in the bedroom, last night we had real sex! not jus ok hun, its time come on lets crack on! we had a bath together and spent the whole evening in bed! wow, even hubby said god its good jus to have sex for once and not worry about what we want from it!!!
and today i'm redorating our bedroom! its quit bland and boring and i want something thats cosy but also brings passion so i'm off to next to find some new bedding and accessories! highly excited... small things eh!! heheh

anyway, jus wanted to share this with you, and hope i inspire others to go out there n live their lives again (not that i'm saying ur not) but its really helping me and my outlook on life!!!



  • Hannah, thats great that you have a PMA.

    Maybe I should start Pilates .... I need to have a PMA!!

    Go Girl
  • Good for you Hannah! I think it can be difficult for everyone not to get too wrapped-up in TTC and it can become a hobby almost. Glad you've found something good to take your mind off things xx
  • Exercise classes are great aren't they?! I do a whole heap of them. We also re-decorated our bedroom and it really makes a difference having somewhere nice to go. Good luck with the decorating, we also had lots of fun sleeping on the floor in the back bedroom whilst we were decorating!
  • thanks ladies,
    socks u slept on the floor? no way i could do that! haha..crazy!!
  • Good for you hannah, keep it up! I don't know what I'd do without my gym, go crazy probably, it's a real distraction and a great stress-reliever.
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