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AF question

Hi ladies

Sorry in advance if this is too much info but I need you opinion.
We have been TTC for 16 months and I was on the pill for 15 years before that. Since I stopped taking the pill my periods have been very light, only 2-3 days and with very little blood just dark lining (sorry TMI) and with no tummy/back pain that I had with the withdrawl bleeds.
But the last 2 AFs have been just as light but with slight cramping.
Do you think this is just my body getting back to normal after so long on the pill, or is light AFs a bad sign when TTC.

YC x


  • Hi hun, didn't want to read and run, I would think it's just your body getting back to normal. Did you have heavy periods before you went on the pill? Some women are just lucky when it comes to having light, pain-free periods, not everyone has really heavy flows.
    As you have been ttc for 16months I would say make a doctor app and have a chat, I'm not saying there's anything wrong at all but it'll help put your worry to rest xx
  • Hiya Ycc, I had pretty light AF's too, only bled properly for 2-3 days then spotting and only got cramps on day1. I found it a bit worrying but no problems were ever highlighted from any of the tests I had. I think we all differ. I know some acupuncturists say it's good to have clotty AF's, but I never heard doctors saying this and I read that AF's do get lighter as you get older. Try not to worry hon, but as huni says visit your GP if you haven't already to get the ball rolling with tests. xx
  • Thanks ladies,
    Huni- Yes my periods were heavier before the pill and also whilst on it. I saw my GP a few months ago, had CD21 progesterone bloods that came back at 35.7, so he said I have OV'd and we have an appointment with the fertility clinic at the hospital in january so hopefully will get the ball rolling with things.

    Thanks again xx
  • Hope the appointment goes well honey xx good news you have ov'd though!
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