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FAO TinyBabyDancer

Hey sweetie,

Firstly I hope that you're ok with everything you have going on at the moment. I know exactly how you feel so sending you a big hug.

I realised today that I didn't answer a question you asked me about my bleed and that wasn't because I didn't want to, I just didn't see it!! My acupuncturist was concerned that my bleed was only 3 days long. The first day is very heavy with clotting (sorry TMI!) and maybe a little on day 2 but she wanted it to be heavier and longer with clotting on maybe 3 of the 5 days. So she said my womb lining was probably not strong enough and she wanted to address that. She also said I should stop using tampons but I have always been a tampon girl so maybe I'll try that after I have used all the ones I have currently. Or she said I could try organic tampons or a moon cup!

The things we have to do!!

Big hugs and hope you feel better soon. Take good care of yourself - this whole thing really is sh*t and there is no way to change that but we are becoming stronger people and better parents because of it. I really hope my experiences will be able to help someone in the future - maybe we should all write some advice down and we could publish our own self-help book? How to survive LTTTC by ladies in the know!! Hopefully I at least managed to get a half smile.

TC sweetie,

S xx


  • aw Sarah thank you sweetie... You ALWAYS get a smile from me! You are so kind to me, even in spite of all the things that are going on for you, you still find time to write a lovely post to're so right about renewing faith in human kindness on this forum!

    I was feeling really horrid last yesterday and this morning. I had got myself so worked up about bd'ing at the right time this month and when it wasn't happening I got over the top. Then I had a few too many drinks last night....not loads but enough considering I've hardly drank in the last yr and the depressant effect of alcohol took its toll. My poor hubbie had to put up with me sobbing and being hysterical in the middle of the night and now we're both nackered today. I feel so guilty. And like an awful person....but bless him, he suggested an afternoon bd and so we kissed and made up! Feel so much calmer knowing there is at least a teeny tiny chance now.

    Am determined to have a relaxing evening and probably won't be back on here much until monday. I need a break from thinking about it all before I seriously crack up!

    I have also been thinking similar things about a self-help book hon! I'm sure there are already some out there but I seriously think it would be, at the very least, very therapeutic. Hmmmm....maybe that can be our new project while we're waiting for the infamous BFP's to come along...!

    Thank you for answering my question about the bleeding....mine is probably not much better than yours and I never get clotting any more....oh well, with duff sperm it would be a miracle anyway! I think I'm going to try to forget about any of this stuff and am going to lock away cbfm opk pg tests books and so on.....this has GOT to stop!

    So that's enough about me hon, how are you holding up? Big big hugs to you my dear xxx

    ps I did see your other post about emailing you, but you don't have your email thing activated hon...
  • Sarah hon I've just been reading some of you other posts about your scans and so on. It sounds like you've been through an awful lot in the last few days.....I hope you've been able to take your mind off things a bit this afternoon....although that sometimes seems like an impossible task doesn't it.

    But on the positive side, at least now you know what you're dealing with you can start getting the appropriate treatment hon. I know it may take longer than you had hoped....but it's hopefully not as long as it would have been if you hadn't have found out what the problem was....there are so many PCOS success stories on here and I really can't wait until you are one of them. And I am SURE that you will be honey xxx
  • tbd... how are you hun?! I meant to send you a message yesterday but time ran away with me! How are you doing?! Hope you are feeling a lot better today,
  • Hi TBD, so glad you and hubby made up and you're feeling better today. I will get the email thing activated so you can get in touch that way if you want too.

    I totally agree that it can all get too much and the doctor actually advised me to get rid of the OPKs etc. They don't work as well with PCOS anyhow but he also said it makes the whole thing very clinical and when you are already having other investigations like SA, scans. etc. the whole thing is already clinical enough for you.

    Your hubby does sound like an absolute star but don't beat yourself up about being emotional. The whole LTTTC is so incredibly stressful - it really is a rollercoaster. I remember going off at my DH for his friends getting pregnant and of course he was quick to shout back that was not his fault!! The important thing is you made up and he understands that those are the times you need his support more than ever.

    We should look into the self-help book - I think it would be a great idea! I am feeling much better today, like you say I am in the system now and I have to say that my GP and everyone dealing with me have been brilliant. I had acupuncuture again last night and she was much happier with the balance of my pulses afterwards. I will ask about why the clotting is important - she also wanted me to describe the texture of the clots but didn't say what was good or bad. I was a bit traumatised by it all as it was my first session but now I feel a bit more comfortable I can ask some questions!!

    Take good care of yourself. I have a busy day at work today and am away at the weekend but I hope you manage to relax a little and spend some quality time with your hubby. He sounds like a star so give him a big hug tonight.

    S xx
  • Hey rachie, thanks for asking after me....I'm feeling much better today. Relatively normal in fact! It's so weird but once hubbie has 'deposited' at ov I feel strangely calm for a few days...until the SS kicks in! I'd better just make the most of it! How are you doing? Tested yet?!

    Sarah, I agree about it all becoming very clinical when you're having investigations. I was really concerned about hubbie coming to my scan as I was thinking that seeing my womb, ovaries and tubes on a screen is not the biggest turn-on! Of course, he wanted to come anyway, but not sure from the bd point of view that it's helpful. I haven't been involved in his s/a as I had to work, but I'm quite glad really as it would have just been another pressure for us, and he doesn't like doing it on demand at the best of times, let alone for a hsp appt. It's so ridiculous that docs tell you to 'just relax aboiut it' when they're doing all these tests, telling you to be abstinent for a certain number of days etc. How can we relax in those circumstances??!

    I am really plesed you're feeling much better today hon. And it's great that your docs etc have been helpful. That can often be a big part of the battle! Acupuncture sounds like it's really helping you. I considered it at one point but chickened all costs money. I hope you manage to have a nice relaxing weekend, with as little time spent on thinking about ttc-related stuff as possible. Hoping we both come back feeling renewed and ready to fight this!

    I agree we should look into the book. I will email you at some point, although I too am really busy at work tooday and away all weekend.

    Thanks for the info on clotting - be interested to hear what she has to sure I read in TCOYF book that clotting doesn;t mean much...

    Take care sweeties xx

    ps hubbie is a star, bless him.
  • I may be able to help with the clotting as my acupunturist ask me too, the darker the colour of the blood and the clots don't really show "fresh" blood, usually happens if you suffer from lighter periods or if you have irregular periods?! Acupuncture is supposed to help the blood flow, I have noticed since I have been having it my blood (sorry tmi) has been much brighter and also a lot less clotty.
    You girls are so right, it is so clinical and it can make it so impersonal. I some times feel really violated. It is just horrid!
    TBD... i doing OK, AF is staying away at present... she is due today or tomorrow really. Not tested yet, I was going to try and hold out until sunday but I think I am going to test tomorrow if no AF appears.
  • Thanks Rachies. Ok, so my blood is very bright (almost illuminous sometimes!) and no clots, heavy for 2 days, lighter/spotting for 3 days (browny at the end) - so I think, from what you're saying, that prbably sounds normal then?
    Glad af is staying away still. Good luck for testing tomorrow! Really hope she doesn't arrive xx

    ps I'm not doing v good job of staying away today!
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