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BFN!!! also in ttc

13dpo and BFN!!!!! AF not due til wednesday but at 13dpo im sure i would have at least had a faint line. knew it was all over this morning when i got up and (.)(.) were no longer sore. Really hoped this was our month as we have our first IVF appointment on tuesday so this was our last au naturle chance. Oh well, just waiting for the witch to arrive now. Hard to believe but i feel even more gutted this month than ever before. xxx


  • Aw hun, I am sorry. IVF is a really positive step though and the sooner she arrives the sooner you can crack on with really getting what you want xx hope the ivf goes well xx
  • Thank you so much socks. I'm trying my best to think positively about it. Just really wish we had done it this month naturally. But hey ho, what will be will be. How are you doing? I've not spoken to you for ages. xx
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