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Had my Gynae appointment yesterday.

So I went for my ultrasound scan yesterday afternoon. It wasn't remotely painful or even uncomfortable having the transvaginal scan - the worst part of the whole thing was not being allowed to pee for an hour and a half after drinking a pint of water. I honestly thought I was going to wet myself en route to the hospital image

Anyway, the doctor started off by saying everything looked fine and I really wanted to see what she was looking at so I asked her to turn the screen around - she agreed to do this and talked me through everything she was looking at. She explained that I am ov'ing okay and it looks like last months egg was released from my right ovary (you could see where it had ruptured). She also showed me an egg ready to be released from my left ovary (which makes sense as I am due to ov in a couple of days). She found no signs of endometriosis which is good. The only problem was that a cyst has formed where the egg was released from my right ovary last month.

So, I still have no idea why I'm in so much pain for up to a week before af arrives and all through af too. The cyst is on the right side but the pain is mainly on my left side. I also still have no idea whether my tubes are blocked or not, although she doesn't think seem to think this would be the cause of pain. Still at least I know I'm ov'ing so I suppose we just have to keep trying for now. I've to go back in 8 weeks to get the cyst re-measured and to make sure I don't have anymore, and if that's fine and I'm still not pg she is going to refer me for a lap and dye.

Anyway, I keep thinking of that egg about to be released and that I better get bd'ing like crazy.


  • Hey weegie,

    Glad to hear you have some good news - I bet you're relieved to know you're oving and good that they found no signs of endro. My sis has very bad pains every month and they were convinced she had severe endo but when they did a lap and dye the amount was tiny and they said it wasn't affecting her fertility at all, so fingers crossed it all comes out good.

    Is a transvirginal the same as a pelvic ultra sound - where they insert the probe (sorry tmi!) I'm having one of those in a couple of weeks but they did't say anything about water.... Glad to hear it was painless though and she was so nice - I'm hoping mine will be the same!!

    Rach x
  • Hi Rach - thanks for replying. Yeah they're the same thing. They didn't put a condom on the probe like I expected. Glad really as probably wouldn't have been able to contain my laughter!!

    I had a normal (external) ultrasound scan too and you need to have a full bladder for that. Once they did that scan I was able to go to the loo before they did the probe. It's a complete walk in the park compared to some of the smears I've had so you've nothing to worry about.


  • Thanks MrsAmanda - your scan picture is beautiful - it must all seem so real now!
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