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Ovarian Drilling & Clomid Scan?

Thought 'd post this in this section too.. I didn't see this one first & probably this is a better section..

Im new on here, The Drs keep leaving me in the dark so thought i'd see if anyone here can advise..

Im 23, Been trying for a baby for 2 years & 5 months (i thought this would be easy!)

I came off the pill after about 4 years at this point, periods didnt start back had just 1 in 18 months,
Dr kept saying it just took time for things to get back to normal & come back in 6 months(!)
12 months ago i was taken in to hospital with lower abdo pain/suspected appenducitus. After alot of messing around & being told different things Iv been diagnosed with PCOS,

In october just gone i had dye test & ovarian drilling (and they removed some scar tissue caused by the pcos), My follow up appointment from this (that should have been 6 weeks after the op) was earlier this month

Anyway i was wondering.. Firstly, if anyone has had the drilling & did your periods start back to normal afterwards? im consious that its only temporary & i had a period in December which i was chuffed with after not having one for so long but that seemed to be it.

So had my follow up appointment and they said would start me on clomid which they had mentioned last year but never happened. After trying to hold back the tears at the thought of having to wait 18 months or however long for anther period the lovely Dr, seeing my dissapointment gave some hormone pills to make me bleed & then could start the clomid. So iv been taking the clomid for a few days & rang to arrange my scan today but no ones explained what they do or what they're lookng for, so to my 2nd question, Can anyone tell me what they are looking for? Is it another dreadful internal? and does it actually work?

Sorry for this lenghthy post but wanted to try & explain, Iv kept quite for 2 years & just wondered what people thought?

Thanks for reading image


  • Hello mrs and welcome, you poor thing you have been through the wars hevnt' you. I only joined here in Jan on month 15 of ttc so haven't haad as many tests as yourself, have however read stories very similar to you so when the other girls get logged on in the next few days you will get plenty of advice. Clomid seems to be highly rated here seems to be quite a lot have got BFP from this.

    Good luck to you and I hope you enjoy the site and find it as useful as I do, look forward to posting with you x
  • Thanks for the reply, Its good to hear im not alone image well not good but you know what i mean.
    I know there are lots of other ladies in the same situation and worse but get so fed up. Its been a long 2.5 years lol

    Thanks again image

    and btw, What is BFP? i guess pregnant but wasnt quite sure what it ment..
  • Lol thankyou! x
  • Hi Laura,

    I'm going to ask you for advice now!!! When are you having your scan? Will you let me know how you get on as i hope to start Clomid in the next few months and have been told I will need to be scanned?

    Oh and Welcome to the site - I have been a member for just over a year and the advice is brilliant on here and so are the girls. Its ok with everyone if you post every day or just once in a while. I've been pretty low the last few weeks so I've been lurking more than posting but I've got a bit of my Va Va Voom back now so will hopefully be on more often!! Any other questions just ask and I'm sure someone will have an answer!

  • Hi Laura

    Sorry I haven't had ovarian drilling it is something I would like to consider for the future.

    With PCOS you have lots of empty follicles on your ovary aka 'the cysts', follicles are the sacs that hold the eggs. Clomid causes the levels of one of your hormones to rise higher forcing eggs to develop. the scan is to check how many are developing and adjust the dose of clomid if necessary

    It will be an internal scan I imagine you have had one before. If not they are not uncomfortable at all

    Hope everythign goes really well
  • Thanks for the replies, My Scan is on monday so i'l let you know how it goes. Im just worried it wont have worked, i know its only the first go but beginning to think its never going to happen! Must stay positive though, Fingers crossed!

    Thanks xx
  • Hi Laura,

    I had ovarian drilling done in december along with a lap & dye and clearing of one tube.

    I can't remember the doctor mentioning it would increase frequency of af's....and it hasn't for me i'm afraid...

    I had my follow up at the beginning of the month and have been perscribed clomid which i start tonight (YAY!!!) after taking progestrone to induce af.

    I'm not having the scans to check follicule development on this dose but if i haven't got my bfp in the 3 months clomid i have i'll be going back for a higher dose and the scans as well.

    Good luck hopefully this will be it for u and a bfp is immenant!!!!!
  • Hi

    I am on CD 5 and am taking my 4th clomid tablet tonight.

    I have to go for a day 12 follicule scan next thursday. I believe it will be like the scan I had last year to check my ovaries as I have been told to have a full bladder. All they did was put gel on my tummy and then user a scanner thingy over the gel. I have been told that if they can't see what they need from the scan that I will have to empty my bladder and have an internal (which is what happened when I went for my ovary scan!)

    Good luck with your scan x

    Bring on the BFPs
  • Thanks image Iv not been told to go with a full bladder so id better ring tomorrow to check.

    Lilac* that sounds very similar to what iv have to do. The same procedure i think, Lap with dye test & the drilling. I had to take Norethisterone before i could start the clomid though as the drilling hasnt seemed to regulate my cycle. Fingers crossed atleast somethings started to happen

    Thanks for the replys, Feel alot happer now than at the start of this week image) xx
  • laura i took the Norethisterone too finished it last friday and got AF tuesday afternoon, so started clomid today.

    Good luck with ur scan.
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