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FAO MrsWard - cycle buddy!

hiya, just wondered how you're doing so far?!
Apparantly, according to mymonthly cycles I was due to OV on our wedding anniversary whilst on hols but had no symptoms - however, 5 days later I got loads - the day we flew home...didn't do any stick tests so dont know for sure but have felt pretty crappy for last 3 days - headache and bit sicky (this is 6 days after I thought I was meant to OV)
hmmm, god knows - think I will try sticks next month if this 2ww doesn't produce!!


  • Hi Bon

    Well as I have got them, but don't usually use them I did an ov stick on 12th September (-) then on 13th September (+). Stupidly tested on Saturday and got a BFN had no symptoms apart from quite a bit of CM which I normally do not get before AF due. Today though I have had some blood, so not sure if implantation (wishful thinking) or AF is arriving!

    Good luck and hope it is good news!

    We have our 2nd Anniversary on 6th October and we are off to Scotland for the weekend.
  • ..hiya, I dont know much about implantation bleeding - do you? how much would you expect and when does it happen? is it straightaway or a few days later? I had a little bit one morning the day after BDing but not much and nothing since....

    ....god this TTC thing is making me wish I'd concentrated more in Biology!! or at least done A level!!! heehee!

    fingers crossed for us both - if all goes to plan (using mymonthlycycles - which im starting to think isn't telling me the thruth!) AF is due this space!

    Hope you have a lovely anniversary, I love Scotland! xxx
  • I don't know anything about implantation either, but don't think it lasts long. I am usually on a 28 day cycle, but perhaps it will be longer as I didn't ov till late.

    I will try and test again on Friday with FMU.

    Fingers crossed we get our BFP's soon.

  • Hi, how are you? any sign of AF yet?
    no sign for mine but I have decided mymonthly cycles dates are wrong! I definately OVd later than it said I did - so expecting AF tomorrow.
    On the good side I've had my blood test results back and the last two months show I have been ov'ing so at least that confirms things.
    so, still got my fingers crossed for us both - hope you're ok! xxx
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