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Day 21 bloods??

Hi Ladies
I am having day 21 bloods done on 9th March, although it will actually be day 23 because cd 1 was on a saturday!
My cycles can vary from 28-35 days and I am sure( if I am oving) it's around day 17-18, so my question is would it still show I have ov'd (if I ov later) and how accurate are they?

Thanks for any advice xx


  • Hi
    The bloods need to be taken 7 days post OV to show up. If they are taken before this it will just show you didn't OV as the hormones won't be high enough. I had a bit of trial and error with this. The first month showed I didn't so took them on CD 25 next month and came back saying I had. Normal cycle for me was between 27 and 32. Hope it works out for you.
    Lilou x
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