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HSG and pregnant after it?

anyone have any scoop on this- my doctor told me that often after this test women get their BFP- just tying to keep my PMA up for this month- as I had the test earlier in the month and all was clear- just curious?




  • whoops sorry double post
  • Hi Ally, the theory is that the HSG clears everything through your tubes so even if there were no actual blockages, they are super-clear which helps the sperm on their way. I'm sure she's be along later, but kayecee got her BFP the month of her HSG and there have been a few others on here but I can't remember who now. It definitely seems to be true for some people, but didn't happen for me xx
  • Hi - I haven't dared post in the 'My Baby is Due in August 2010' for fear of jinxing it, but wanted to give you hope. I am now 7 weeks pregnant after my HSG in October. I didn't get pregnant in that cycle, but the second cycle afterwards. Hope that gives you a ray of light image
  • oh thank you so much girls!!! def gives me even more pma!! ihave been hanging around ttc for a long time- and just hadn't committed to ltttc- it is a little tough to digest- but I know that it will happen soon!!! we have been thru all the tests- and are in the
  • I was too - in fact I conceived on month 26. Was just at the point where 3 days after I discovered I was pregnant, was due to go into hospital to sign forms for IVF. Don't give up.
  • oh thanks betal!!! congrats to you !!!!
    I have appt scheduled for jan 11- but really hoping that we will not have to go- still holding on hope that this is our month-

  • I had my HSG in July ..... Had 5 months of Clomid and still no BFP...... Sorry to put the negative spin on it .... Good luck though xx
  • thanks gerbera- hope u get ur bfp soon-
  • Hi ally! As TBD says, I conceived the month of my HSG. There are actually two of us in Due in April - Manologirl is another one whose HSG 'cleared' her out. My consultant wasn't really surprised when we told him we'd conceived that month (despite him also having told us we wouldn't conceive naturally!). Hope it works its magic for you.

    K 25 weeks xxx
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