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I just wondered if anyone had tried 'Sasmar' from Boots? I have used pre-seed up until now but doesn't seem to be working and also it is probably easier to pop down to Boots to get this rather than order from the internet!!

Any reviews on it would be appreciated xx


  • i was wondering about that for the next cycle so any reviews please xx
  • I'm using it but so far no BFP! I've never used preseed though. It just comes in a tube and I think I've heard it soemtimes comes in a sachet so it's easier to apply, but I might be wrong! Also think I've seen it cheaper online than in boots. No expert though x
  • I have used both but tbh i prefer pre-seed. Sasmar dries up very quickly and not so "lubey" if you know what i mean. Sasmar comes in a tube but you dont get any applicators so you tend to have to put it on your man or get inventive with using it on you ;\)
    If you have still got the applicators from the pre seed though you could use them.
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