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Lets spread some cheer - non ttc related!!

Hello All,

Know that we are all going through are own things at the moment and obvsiously ttc is big on all our minds. Thought it would be nice to have a non ttc post in order to make each other laugh, ssssoooooooooooooooooo

Thought we could all share a faourite funny story or joke??? I'll go first:

What is pink and flluffy...............wait for fluff!!!!!!!

Funny story - at a sleep over at about aged 12 decided we would flash our bums out window to passing cars (I know but we were only kids) turns out one of the car was a peeler car (police) and they came to the house and give us a good chat re exposing ones self to the public!!!!! AH my mum woudl be so proud!!!! LOL:lol:


  • I used to work in a petrol station when I was younger (16) and I had only just started one day when a man came in and asked for a packet of condor - which is a tobacco brand for anyone who doesn't smoke!! Any way i turned around to see if i could locate it on the shelves and there were two varieties that i spotted after about two minutes of searching. I asked him if he wanted the long cut or they ready rubbed to which he replied....
    They're on the shelf to the left love.

    It was condoms he had asked for!!!!!!!! I was so mortified!!! Went completely red to the point i almost cried as there was a huge queue!!!

    Long cut or ready rubbed????????? - couldn't have done it if i tried!!!
  • when i was a teenager i went to the beach with my family and could hardly wait to get into the sea for a swim. Well, I'm not sure why, but that morning when i got dressed i had put my swim suit on first (so i wouldn't have to strip off on the beach) and I then put my jeans etc on over my swimsuit. I had put a pair of big pants on OVER my swim suit though as i figured i would obviously need underwear to put on once i had come back from swimming (why i didn't just pack knickers in my bag like a normal person?!!). Later that day, got to the beach, stripped off on the sand, flung my clothes down and ran towards the sea along a busy beach. It was only when I got to the waters edge, you've guessed it, i had forgotten my Big Pants were on OVER my swimsuit. I looked back at the beach and saw everyone giggling. VERY embarrassing when you're 14!!! xx
  • LOL oh dear sexy woman Mrs B!!! HOw did you manage to snag your OH!!!!!!
  • lol, goodness knows! Come on ladies, would love to hear your funny stories! xx
  • Visting my sister a few years ago in Oz we popped to the shop, she lived in a very posh appartment block with nice resturants and shops underneath, it had been raining and i was in flip flops, and i was slipping and sliding all over the wet tiled floor, im nearly 6 foot so i obviously looked like a baby giraffe... people stated pointing and laughing, and i asumed they were laughing at me trying to naviagate my way across the slippery pavement... however when i reached the shop i realised with horror my dress was totally unzipped at the back, i was wearing a thong and had been flashing my bum to everybody eating thier posh lunchs... the shame! My sister still crys with laughter when she thinks about it!
  • OMG LOL you win so far!!!! At least you were in Oz where no one knows you very well, apart from of course your sister!!!!!
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