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Not sure which category I fit into as my husband and I have been trying for a baby for a year now without any joy and I wasn't sure if how long 'long term TTC' is classed as on here - so I'm sorry if this is on the wrong board.

My husband had a sperm analysis last week and was told that 'it's fine', so either the problem lies with me or we've just been unlucky! I have an appointment today with my GP to discuss things and take a history etc. I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of thing I can expect? I imagine she'll order some blood tests to see if I'm ovulating etc. but wondered how long it normally takes from seeing the GP to hospital referral. I know where I live (York) not all consultants are big on seeing patients before they've been trying for 18 months, but at 35 although I know I'm not past it (!) I'm aware that my fertility does start to decline faster from now on so I was hoping that'd hurry things up a bit.

If anyone has any idea of what tests I should expect or wouldn't mind sharing their experiences that'd be very much appreciated xx


  • hi moon beam, i just posted on your fertility tea post lol. then saw you had posted here too. hi im janine, i am new to all this testing thing too. i have had blood tests done they check your hormornes levels first, i had 2 of them the first one showed 2 hormornes were higher than they should be i had missed 2 months of af's too. the 2nd test i had come back they had returned to normal. my af's have sorted themself out now i get them every month now. but when i was sent for ov test it said i wasnt ovulating. and also had scan that showed polycystic ovaries. i have appointment on 25th august to see gynaecologist for first time. i cant wait now. i am 36 been trying for 6 months.
  • Hi MB. If your GP refers you your initial meeting with a consultant should occurr pretty quickly. Government guidelines in our area (Mid Essex) dictate that you have to see your consultant within 5 weeks of GP referral. Of course that might be different in different areas. I suspect they'll ask you about cycles and, like you say, get bloods done and request an SA from your OH.

    I think if you are upwards of 35 you are advised to seek help after 6 months.

    Hope that helps! x

  • Hi Moonbeam, welcome to LTTTC! I'd say you're welcome to post wherever you fancy, but I find this forum is best when you've been TTC 1 yr plus, as the issues are slightly different. I too have been TTC for around 1 yr.
    As the others have said the GP referral should lead to an appt fairly quickly. I was able to use 'choose and book' and got an appt within a couple of weeks. The tests I had to have were:
    day 21 progesterone
    day 2-4 LH FSH oestrogen
    hycosy to check tubes
    rubella screen
    chlamydia screen
    hubbie had to have sperm analysis

    I think you should push for tests - some GPs are very blase about fertility issues and it's best to get in the system...once you're in things can take a while. If it's 18 months in your area, you could say you stopped using contraception 18 months ago and been trying properly for 1 yr...if you feel comfortable with that.

    Best of luck to you x
  • Hello, thanks very much for all the replies. The doctor was very helpful and ordered some blood tests - my day 21 bloods showed I'm definitely ovulating, so it's just a case of waiting for the next ones to be done and then I'll be referred to a consultant. My GP wasn't sure of waiting times, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed it won't be too long. All swabs were negative and my husband sperm count was very good.

    Thanks again for your replies, it's good to have this forum with such helpful people around xx
  • Nothing to add but didn't want to R&R. The test results all sound very positive Moon Beam. I know that must be a little frustrating to think why haven't you conceived but at least you know there are no barriers.

    Good luck and I feel sure if will happen soon for you. You are in the system now too so your GP should advise you when to come back for a fertility clinic referral (which hopefully you won't need to!!)

    S xx
  • Hi Moon_beam,
    I think the girls have explained most of it. THe first good news is that DH SA is good image, that is one hurdle down and least they are investigating for you.
    I really hope you don't have much of an wait for the appt,
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