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Had my scan this morning

Some of you may know I went for my internal scan this morning to check ovaries etc all ok. The whole thing became a bit of an epic morning for me as I will explain!

When I arrived I went to the department which was stated on my form. However, they turned me away and said I was in the wrong place! I had to go to the maternity unit. I wasn't exactly prepared for this but anyway, I walked the long walk to the next building and eventually found the reception desk. But they turned me away as well and sent me back to where I'd just come from! I was mad, but off I went again. Back at the first place and it looked like they just didn't know what to do with me. I honestly thought I was going to cry at this point!

In the end they "agreed" to do my scan (well thank you!). During the wait I was so nervous I kept having to pop to the loo! Anyway, I was finally called through and, to be fair, they were really apologetic that I had been sent all over the place this morning.

On to the good news, my ovaries are good ovaries image I have follicles, my uterus is good, my womb lining is good. No sign of cycst or fibroids. So, after a horrible morning, I am feeling a lot better now!

They will send the results to my GP then hubby and I have an appointment with her next Friday to discuss ALL of our results (bloods, SA, scan etc).

Another little hurdle well and truly cleared :\)


  • Wonderful news Angelfish. As you say, every hurdle you jump is well worth it.

    Good luck for next Friday.

  • YAY that's fab fab news angelfish. It is such a relief isn't it. Can't believe how you were treated before the scan though, that's appalling! I got a letter confirming all my parts are normal today and it was so nice to see it in black and white. Hope the meeting with gp goes well - do you not see a fertility specialist at the moment then? xxx
  • Thanks ladies, yes I'm really pleased.

    TBD, no we are not seeing a fertility specialist, just going through our GP at the moment. She has instructed hubby to have his 3 SA's and blood tests, and for me to have my cd3/cd21 bloods, scan, and swabs taken. Only once we've gone through all this will she refer us. This is (hopefully) what will happen when we return to her next Friday as all of our results will be in by then. We think the problem is hubby's morphology, but we still have to jump through all these hoops before we can be referred to a specialist.

    I guess every region works differently, but I'm really hoping that we'll be referred now. x
  • Oh I see angelfish - yeah everywhere seems to do it differently. I hope you get a referral and get seen quickly...or even better, I hope you don't need it. If morphology is the only prob, then there seems to be lots of success stories on here! Not too much of a consolation at present I guess, but hopefully gives you some hope...abd never know, maybe you'll be thext one! xx
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