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41 months, delivering SA and a smear test

Hey girls

Well delivered the 3rd SA to the hospital this morning, kept it warm under the armpit... got a letter through for my smear test - I have to go every 6 months as I had stage 3 pre-cancerous cells 2 and a half years ago so they like to keep and eye on me so got to have a month off this month... but we have our final appointment and we will get our referal and as we have to go private (I ahve an 8 year old LH has none) we should start any treatment in November so I am going to let my hair down - not think of it then its all systems go..

Not going anywhere as it fills me with hope when I see BFP's etc and I love to see us old faces get some good news.

Lots of luck and lots of love

Emma xx


  • Aww good luck Emma! I have just had my second abnormal smear and have to go for a colpsopy on Weds, so everything is on hold in the babybump household too!

    Hope all is well for you hun. Have a blast this month before you get back down to business!!! x
  • Good luck Emma!

    bb4 - hope all goes okay, I had one 4 years ago and it was fine image
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