Unusual Af....

Hey there ladies... hope everyone is doing ok...

I ment to post this a few days ago but been really tied up with work and havnt had a minute!!

Well last Friday (CD32)... I had pink/brown when i wiped, not even a spot on pad!
Then Saturday It was unusually heavy for me, with horrible cramps...
Sunday i still felt crampy.... but no AF.... and havnt had anymore bleeding since!!

I had my HSG done on CD 17 could this have made a difference??
normally AF lasts 3 dys and is medium/light...

any advice or past experiances welcome..



  • Can't help I'm afraid.........didnt want to R&R. Maybe it was the HSG, maybe it's just a weird one this month - that's happened to me before. I'm sure during LTTTC we seem to microanalyse everything so notice when things are a bit out of kilter.

  • Hey there MrsH

    Yeah ure prob right, just thought one day was very short! ... anyway at least its away and we can start BD once again! ha...

    I think come the new year, we might be taking TTC that little bit easier.

    how are u MrsH??

  • Hi Cupcake - I'm good thanks. Just waiting to hear when my first IVF apointment will be........impatiently waiting as usual!!!

    Going to give it one last go this month before IVF next year!! I don't know why - we've been ttc for two and a half years now and no luck, I don't know why I think there will be this time! Ha ha! Got to keep the optimism up!

  • Hey CC sweetie. As I said before my AF after HSG was unusal. I think it does do funny things, but the clear out will do good. This is TMI big time, but maybe everything just came out all in one go (hence heavy AF) but then nothing more to come out? Try not to worry honey. I guess you could test to make sure, but if it was v heavy and cramping I guess it is a long-shot. Loads of luck for this month sweetie xxx
  • Hey

    MrsH: i totally know where u are coming from...i still think the same sort o thing... im thinikng at the min that if it doesnt happen before 2010 we will take a few months out!... but there again that might not happen, im not sure i can take a few months out! haha... now im just blabbering!

    TBD:... im soooo pleased for u... bet u are both over the moon hun!
    Yeah i kinda thought the same thing about the clear out, hence the heavy AF and very cramping... well thats all good!! .... im not even thinking along the lines of if i cld be pregnant!... coz it just wldnt have happened... going to start with OPK kits maybe Tue or Wed next week then let the BDing begin!

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