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F.A.O Mrs Hopeful

Hello hun

Firstly I just want to say how lovely it is too see you back on here, it hasn't been the same without you image

Me and hubby had our appointment at stoke a couple of weeks ago, it went ok hubby has to re-do his SA (his first one wasn't great which was a huge shock) and I am waiting for my appointment to come through for my HSG. We go back in 3-4 months for a follow up appointment

How are things with you? Hope you are feeling a bit more positive about things xxx


  • Hey there. Thanks for doing me my own post!! I feel all special!!

    My DH's first SA was not good but his second was so things can change. I think it took about another 6 weeks to come through for that and about two months for the HSG to give you an idea of timescales.

    I;m feeling muchmore positive. It was such a shock when I had my HSG to hear that I only have half a uterus and one tube!! I just wanted to give up, crawl into a hole, cry etc etc! I certainly had quite a lot to drink over that week! Naughty me!

    Anyway, feeling much better about it now. It will obviously potentially cause some issues if and when I do get pregnant but we'll have to deal with them when that happens.

    Bucks PCT are changing the rules for IVF in December so we're being referred for that at the end of November. I think you said you were 30, didn't you? So you should be OK too. Also, in terms of your DH's SA, Stoke don't have the technology to determine between rapid and slow movers (on the motility), only moving or not. We're going for a private SA in Oxford to get a more detailed picture in case IUI is a better option than IVF. It's ??140 but thought it would be worth it if it meant less instrusive treatment and less money in the long run (if we need to go private for treatment).

    How are you coping with the waiting game? I must admit, I've started to get used to it now but earlier on I found it hell.

    Hope you get the results you want from your tests. Don't worry about the HSG, it's not that bad at all. I just kept my eyes closed all the way through and that seemed to help!!!

  • Hello!

    So glad to hear you are feeling more positive it must have been such a shock at the time but I am sure it will all be okay in the end, there is so much that can be done nowadays I will keep everything crossed for you hun image

    I am okay thanks the waiting is the worst thing some days I am fine about it all and think it will happen when the time is right etc etc and then other days I just get really upset and scared that we will never have a baby. I guess that's all part of TTC though!!

    Its good that the PCT are changing the rules, I am 30 although I don't know much about it all as yet (IVF criteria etc) Where in Oxford are you getting hubbys SA done, I would like hubby to have a more in depth test done so it may be worth looking into after his next SA. It would be good to know what we are dealing with I guess. Good luck with your hubby's next test let me know how he gets on and good luck with your scan

    We are of to Turkey this afternoon so won't be on here for a week...can't wait!!

    Take care speak to you soon xxx
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