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It can happen...

It always made me more hopeful when ladies in similar situations to me posted to say they got their BFP, although I never imaged I'd get one of my own....this morning I did!! image

I really hope to see lots of you in due in Oct (when I dare venture over!)


(sorry for bumping this back up....doing a spot of editing as I can't delete my account!)


  • Chickidee

    CONGRATILATIONS!!! That is such fantastic news - you must be thrilled. Big YAY!!!

    This realy is wonderful news. Hope your little bean nestles in suggly for the nextt 9 months. xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Congratulations, here's to a H&H pregnancy xx
  • Well done and congratulations to you, your OH and your little bean xx
  • Congratulations sweetie! Enjoy preparing to be a mummy! Keep some seats warm for us!!!
  • Congratulations Chickidee, what fantastic news! xx
  • Congratulations Chickidee, hope you have a great pregnancy and you and your OH have a happy and healthy little baby! xx
  • yeaaaaaaaaah congratulations!!!!!!
    there is hope for the rest of us,
    jus out of curiousity, what vitamins is ur fella takin?

    fantastic news hun xxxx
  • Thank you everyone!

    Hannah try this link - we bought them online from Holland & Barrett. Bear in mind it takes 10weeks to 'make' new sperm - our ten weeks was up xmas eve and we got pregnant the month after so I like to think these def had something to do with it! Good luck honey xxxx
  • thanks chickidee, i'll have a look

    have a wonderful 9 months hun xxxxx
  • wow, thats quite a few vitamins, and expensive too, i've copied and pasted the list tho, did u use all of them??
  • Hannah, these are the ones hubby took:

    268mg of 400IU-Vitamin E with 50 micrograms selenium (Improves sperm's ability to bind to and penetrate an egg. Selenium is needed to form normal shaped sperm, to maintain a normal sperm count, proper functioning of maturation and motility)

    50 micrograms-Selenium (See above-recommended daily dose for men 75mcg)

    1000mg-Vitamin C with bioflavonoids (Low levels linked to genetically damaged sperm-can cause birth defects. Improves sperm motility and count. Prevents sperm clumping together.

    500 micrograms-Vitamin B12 (Low levels are associated with abnormal sperm production, reduced counts and reduced motility)

    500mg-L-Arginine (Studies show it can double sperm count)

    400 micrograms-Folic acid (Improves sperm count and motility and reduces morphological abnormalities)

    200 micrograms-Chromium picolinate (Gynae told me to get it for DH's problems, which were slow swimmers, clumping together, 40% motility)

    500mg-L-Carnitine (Essential for normal functioning of sperm)

    500mg-Calcium magnesium (250mg magnesium/500mg calcium)-(Calcium aids the absorption of vitamin B12. Gynae told us to get magnesium for DH's problems, which were slow swimmers, clumping together, 40% motility)

    Zinc with copper - 15mg

    I know it seems like a lot of tablets to take but DH was pretty much prepared to do anything after hearing about his sperrm does seem expensive as well, but well worth it if you get that BFP! Most boxes of tablets have 90 days worth in them so you could always see how you both feel about it after the first three months xxx
  • Chickidee... amazing news !! Many Many congratulations. Thrilled for you. Have a very happy and healthy 9 months! xxx
  • Congratulations, wishing you a H&H 9 months.
    Amazing news, gives us all hope xx
  • Huge congrats! Miracles do happen, don't they chick?! ;\)

    K 30 weeks today xxx
  • Thank you all so much for your kind comments! I've bagsied lots of seats in due in Oct for you lovely ladies. I know just how heart wrenching LTTTC is and I wish you all the luck & babydust in the world xxx
  • Awww Congratulations Chickidee!! So happy for you, I love hearing of a ltttc miracle, gives a little hope for the rest of us. All the very best xx
  • hey hun, thanks for the list, i've copied and pasted it. have told hubby and think we're gonna try mencare conception to start with. haven't been for tests yet so not sure what our reason is for not gettin bfp, but have saved the list jus incase we need it, thanks so much for listin them for me, thats very kind

    and congrats again, bet u can't stop smilin xxxxxxx
  • Thats fantastic news!! Congratulations!!
  • Many congratulations to u both.... thats great news!! image

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