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Hey all

Hey Ladies

I was just wondering ( i know its a stupid question) what when are u classed as trying long term?:\?


  • Hi miss88, I'm not really sure of the answer to your question (it's not a stupid question at all!), but I have just joined this forum after trying for about a year. How long have you been trying?
    GG x
  • 11 months but feelings like a life time
  • Hi Miss88 - the general concensus is that ttc 12 months or more is LTTTC. You are recommended to go to the GPs after 12 months if nothing has happened (unless you are over 35 then it's six months).

    Hope that helps.
  • I joined after 14 months and an mc. But some on here joined early because they have problems which will inevitably lead to ltttc. 11 months does feel like a lifetime when you want it so badly. This forum is a great hidaway from the constant sympotms and bfps from newbies in ttc. Hope you get your bfp soon and if you decide to join us look forward to getting to know you xx
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