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HSG X-Ray- it's not that bad!

Hi all

I am new to this, so I hope I've done it right!

Just wanted to pass on my experience of the HSG x-ray, as some folk out there might find it useful to know; it's not that bad!!!

I went in yesterday and must have had the "fear of God" look all over my face. The lady asked me if I had looked into the procedure online (yes I had) and said that she too was horrified after looking at all the horror stories on there.

It was such a simple procedure and may have been painless for me due to the fact that I took some Neurofen about an hour before. It's over within about 15 mins and very similar to the ordinary smear test. I would definately recomend the Neurofen and having a word with your angels too- that's what I did!!!!!

On leaving and confirming to the lady that I felt fine, she said "well please post something on the internet and tell other ladies it's not that bad"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck all x


  • Just wanted to say thankyou for posting your experience as I found out yesterday that I will be having this procedure soon. I'm more worried about the results at this stage but guessing I'll be scared stiff when the time comes. I'm in Spain and have actually been told to take a valium the day before and day of the procedure so hope I'm out of it, LOL. My mum was surprised about that but no complaints from me. I could even buy it over the counter, LOL.

  • I too had this done in July and was terrified beforehand. Yes it is a little uncomfortable but wasn't anywhere near as bad as I was expecting. They also kept pointing out on the screen what was happening and told me there and then that my tubes weren't blocked. The staff were friendly which I do think always helps. X
  • You're welcome Porky- as Mrs Sunshine said, sometimes they can give you a pretty good idea of their findings at the time, so not too long a wait.

    I am surpised at the valium suggestion- that seems really extreme- I was only prescribed and antibiotic to take on the morning before the afternoon appointment and they suggested the Neurofen too.

    Good luck- you'll be fine x;\)
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