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Why is this soooo damn hard!!

Im sat here almost in tears......

Jus been informed that one of OH friends GF is gonna be having a baby.... well i used to work with the girl and cant stand her... but its making this so much harder.... dont know why... i jus feel soo jealous and im hating myself for it!....

I jus sooooo want this BFP....

Will it ever happen??

Grrrrr serious downer!!

Sorry dont want to bring everyone down with me, but had to tell sumone!


PS hope i done cum across as a bitch! sorry xx

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  • Hey CC, no you don't sound like a bitch!! I'm sure all of us LTTTC'ers can relate to this feeling. I was always devastated by others' happy news, even if I was happy for them, I was still v sad for me. Nothing wrong with that. Even worse when you don't even like the person! You're bound to feel rubbish when you want this so bad. Don't give yourself such a hard time sweetie. Big hugs xx
  • Dont worry about how you sound! We all feel the same at some points. I know how you feel. When one of my best friends found out we were TTC she decided to start aswell. She then decided not to but "got sick" when on the pill and is due to give birth any day now. Things always seems worse and harder to take when you 1st find out someone is expecting. I hope you get your BFP soon!!! XX
  • Thank you ladies... glad im not the only one that would feel this way!....
    It was the first thing i thought about this morning image

    Whilst we were lying in bed last night OH even mentioned that he felt crap coz of it.... kinda made me feel better to think that it wasnt just me who felt this way... its affecting him too!

  • Totally understand hwo you feel - I've cried all night because of similar news. I think we all have and it's perfectly natural. I know my OH feels similar too but just doesn't show it as much. Maybe sneakily hope they suffer badly from morning sickness?!x
  • Thanx MrsJ and Sanguine...

    I hope we all get our well deserved BFPs in 2010...

    Although it still is hard to hear of BFPs here... but as we are in LT TTC, they are all well deserved BFPs .... and no one in this forum has had an easy ride!

    Im on CD9.... was ment to go for follicle tracking on monday... but turns out ive to go away with work and theres no getting out of it... i had to phone and cancel the appointment yesterday..i jus know the infertility nurse wont be happy... shes a miserable cow at the best of times!
    Will start OPK over the weekend... i usualy OV around CD16..

    Hows everyone else doing this cycle??

  • Hey there again ladies.... ive had a nice morning juschilling..which has been good....
    text hubby and said that i feel so crap over this anouncment more so than any other tbh.... he text back saying

    "i know pisses me off too. Our time will come babe, soon hopefully"

    This has also cheered me up abit... as my OH never normally says much and im glad he is speaking about this stuff and he is feeling the same as me... with that extra little bit o PMA that im needing image

    Off to work now..... (12 x1year olds)


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