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Feeling so low in the IVF 2ww


I had 1 day 5 blastocyst transferred last Wed and am feeling so down and tearful today. Yesterday morning I had a few AF cramps, which is quite normal for me a week prior to starting my period, so I didn't want to get my hopes up by thinking that it could be implantation. I just don't know if I can handle all this anymore.

Sorry ladies but I just feel sooo low xxx


  • Hey EmJ, big big hugs!!!! I can remember feeling exactly this way at exactly this point. Had cramps and convinced AF on her way. Seems a lot of us with IVF BFP's did have some cramps around this time so please try try try to stay positive (although I know you don't want to get hopes up, totally understand that). I know it is impossible to be super positive all the time, you are just protecting yourself from disappointment which is only natural. But your embie needs you to be positive right now, so do it for him/her if noone else. Not too long til testing now sweetie, so if you can find ANYTHING to take your mind off it and have a bit of enjoyment then DO it!!! Wishing you loads and loads of luck and hoping to see you in pg after infertility v v soon xxxx
  • Sorry to hear you're feeling low Em - wish I could give you a big hug. Hope you manage to find some distraction and pma although I know it must be hard. Thinking of you lots xx
  • Oh Em J I do sympathise, the 2ww after IVF is so hard. I tended to rest for about 4 or 5 days after the ET and then keep as busy as possible. Our second cycle worked (though sadly ended in MC at 10 weeks) and we spent the second week yomping round London - so much so that I got a blister on my foot! Comedy is supposed to be good too, so buy lots of DVDs, relax and sit back for a giggle. I found the worst thing to be sitting around and just waiting for the result because my mind went into overdrive, so if you can see friends or family to keep your mind occupied that might help too.

    Lots and lots of luck to you.

  • Hi Em, sending you huge hugs. The 2ww during IVF is horrendous but you do need to be as positive as you can. I was positive my AF was on her way. I was in tears days before my test day as I was sure she was coming and it had failed so these cramps could very well be implantation. As the girls have said just try and do anything that will help take your mind off it during this wait, just try and preoccupy your time with anything you enjoy.I am keeping absolutely everything crossed for you honey. xxxx
  • EmJ, hun, I cannot emphasise this enough - there is EVERYTHING still to play for, so hang in there and keep as positive as you can.

    I echo what the other ladies have said, it is soooo hard. Try to keep busy - I literally mapped out my days and made sure I had one definite thing happening every day of the 2ww, otherwise your mind just starts to play tricks.

    Like TBD says, I too felt like AF was on way - even the day I got my BFP I felt almost exactly how I feel when AF about to come, low dull achey back , dragging feeling - and thankfully it never came.

    You can do this, it is hard but us LTTTC-ers are tough cookies and the rewards are so worth it I promise you. Hugs, MrsBxx
  • Hi EmJ,
    The other girls have all put it so well ... so nothing to add except to send loads of hugs and positive thoughts. I know how horrible the 2WW is, absolute murder! Hope the outcome is the one you want babe. Thinking of you. Fingers crossed xxxxx
  • babyobsessed...

    i had my transfer going on two weeks... I test tomorrow and sympathize with every posting I have read... I feel like I am PMSing to the highest level... I test tomorrow and I am dreading the results only because I am afraid of the negative result.    This is my last IVF insurance wise, I am 43 and I am under the gun!!!!  Feeling an enormous amount of pressure.  Although my husband has done his best to reassure me, I would feel awful!image

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