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hsg......Am I out this month before I've started?????

Sorry I know I posted a while back about hsg but just after some advice, Its booked for Friday so I'll be on CD10, usually ov on or around CD16.

Just wondered if I'm likely to feel sore afterwards and not up to bd'g or will I be would be awful to waste a month, I'm just sure how I will feel.

Anyone that has had one that could advise I would greatly appreciate



  • My hsg was a bit sore whilst getting done, butcompletly fine after and bf thatafternoon. Xxxx
  • Good luck with the HSG!
    I was sore afterwards and bled a bit - wouldn't have wanted to BD that day, but the day after I was fine. If you don't OV until day 16 there should be no problem (and no wasted cycle).
    All the best xx
  • My hsg was fine, a bit uncomfortable at the time and I had a tiny bit of spotting in the afternoon (just the amount on the loo roll when I wiped) sorry tmi!! But after that felt absolutley fine and had no problem BD that month at all. When I had mine I was told by various people that it might even produce a BFP that month. This was because the dye that they put into your uterus and tubes can sometimes clear tiny blockages that were previously undetected.

    So good luck hun and go for it!! xx
  • thanks guys for the reassurance.

    I'll be going for it this month, unless of course they say my tubes are blocked, hoping like you say Evie that I get a good clearout and get a BFP for my birthday end of May.

    Sending you all baby dust too xx
  • hey........I got my BFP on the month that I had the HSG.......

    I think that it must have cleared me out...I ov'd on CD17 (my birthday) and because I had in my head that it just wasn't going to happen that chuffing did.........

    good luck..............yes it's uncomfortable and not nice for the day but it's worth it....

    xxxx lots and lots of baby dust heading your way...

    16 wks today...xx
  • Oooh thanks dances like a muppet, love your aviator (think I may have spelt that wrong!).

    And congratulations xx
  • good luck for Friday......not that you will need it as it'll be fine.....

    My avatar comes everywhere with me, I had it on the wedding forum and other forum's too....

    let us know how you get on!!!!

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