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Good and bad news

Hiya Ladies,
Just thought I'd do a quick update. Thanks so much to those of you who've been asking after me and so sorry not to have got back to you sooner.
After the prevous 2 scans being fine but reduction in symptoms, cramping and a teeny tiny bit of coloured discharge.....I was convinced something was wrong.
The private scan (as NHS wouldn't do anything...AGAIN) showed that only one of our babies had survived. He/she was jumping around and waving at us and measuring nearly a week ahead what it should have been. Very very pleased but also very very sad....such a confusing mix of emotions. This week has been very up and down and I've had really bad cramps and backache today which is very worrying but we'll just have to hope and pray for good news at our next scan now. I don't feel too positive but I'm trying to hold in mind the image of our little one bobbing about last week!


  • Oh sweetie, I am so sorry to hear that. Try to keep focussed on the little acrobat you still have bouncing around. I'm sure it must be such a mixed bag of emotions for you at the moment but try to stay positive.
    Thinking of you and sending lots of hugs xxxxx
  • Oh tbd i'm so sorry to hear that one of your babies is now an angel. I can't imagine how you and your hub are feeling life can be so cruel to people that absolutley do not deserve it. I hoping and praying for you that the little gymnast keps going strong. lots of love xxx
  • TBD, I am so sorry to hear your news.

    I am praying for you and your family x x
  • TBD - I am so very sorry about your bad news. How tragic. You must be feeling such mixed emotions right now.

    I'm however delighted to hear that your little bean is enjoying a party in there. Stay positive for him/her. Cramps are, I'm told, very normal.

  • OH TBD Honey i'm soooh sorry sending a big (((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))) your way!!!!!! I'll be keeping everything crossed for that bouncy bean that you have in there, please Take it easy and take time for yourself your emotions must be so mixed at the moment.........I have been having cramps and backpain more regularly for the last couple of weeks and was told it was normal just everything stretching, Try and stay positive (easier said than done i know) Thinking of you!!!!!
    Love to you and OH
    Sianni xxxxxxxx

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  • Sweetheart we've been so concerned about you.

    Im so sorry you have lost one of your precious babies.

    Try & stay strong for your other little fighter & lean on us for support.

    Were always here if you need a chat.

    Sending you lots of hugs my lovelie xxx
  • Sweetie, I've been wondering how you are and I am so sorry to hear your sad update. I can't even begin to imagine the mix of emotions you and hubby must be feeling right now, but you know where we are if you need to talk.

    I hope you are able to focus on the little bean who is frantically waving at you to reassure you that he/she is doing wonderfully well in there. Try to stay positive for this little one.

    Big hugs xxx
  • I am so sorry TBD. Your tiny, tiny baby dancer sounds like they are doing well so make sure you concentrate on that. I'm thinking of you chick x
  • Oh lovely... am sending you a huge huge huge hug... you have plenty of rest and look after your self sweetheart. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • OH Hunny Im so sorry i missed your post yesterday.
    Im truely sorry for the loss of your 1 bean, i know words wont make it better sweetie but iam thinking of you.

    I dont know if this will help give you some renewed hope that your other gorgeous bean will be ok but i do have a success story to share.

    A good friend of mine had her 1st baby when she was just 21, all scans & tests showed a healthy baby. However when he was born he had a catalogue of problems & sadly passed away at just 2 weeks old. Because of the problems my friend was tested & they found she had chromosomes ( sorry for spelling), missing & any biological children would either not get to term or pass away soon after.
    She then had egg donation & IVF & like you her 1st 2 scans showed she was having twins.
    Sadly at her 3rd scan it showed 1 of the babies hadnt made it but the other was fine & jumping about.
    She went on to have a healthy PG & now has a very lively 3 year old son.

    I realy hope it gives you a bit of hope hunny, im realy rooting for you & keeping absolutely EVERYTHING crossed.

    ((((((((((((MASSIVE HUGS)))))))))))))))))
    Thinking of you. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  • Oh so sorry to hear that tbd. I bet you have such mixed emotions - when is your next scan? I've forgotten how many weeks you are? I hope you can stay positive for your other little jumping bean.
    Thinking of you.x
  • I am so sorry to read your news i hope everything is ok and am sending big hugs your way xx
  • Thanks so much for all your lovely kind messages. I am still an emotional wreck! And still getting some cramps but have eased off and seem to be just when I'm sitting upright (so lots of duvet time in order over the weekend). Not feeling too positive at all but praying for a miracle xx
  • Oh hun sending you lots of hugs xx my best friend had exactly this, she had ivf first time 2 embys & bfp with twins. She started bleeding at about 8 weeks went for scan after scan. Got to her 12 week scan 2 healthy beans. Week 14 bleeding again and sadly lost one of the twins. The second hung in there and is now a very healthy, very opinionated 2 year old. I know how stressful it is because I went through it all with her. Really hope there is at least one happy ending for you. Stay positive for the one you have got. When is your next scan? Surely the NHS have to do something now? xxx
  • Oh hun, I am so sorry to hear things are still not fantastic... I have absolutely everything crossed for you and lots of duvet time over the weekend sounds just what you need. I really hope the NHS get you a scan again soon... just to reassure you more than anything... but keep remembering your precious little bean was very energetic and was measuring well on your last scan.
  • tbd I know hoe frustrating the NHS is regarding scans! My hubby has decided that we become millionaires (rodney style) we are going to buy more ultrasounds for the local hospitals! You need to remain strong and positive for your littleone! I know how devastating it is to lose a baby and your hopes and dreams for the future but you still have hope! Sending all my love and hope your way. You will be in my thoughts and prayers over the next few days! Make sure you have a very lazy weekend sweetie! xx
  • I'm sorry to hear your bad news TBD, I hope that your second bean holds on in there- sounds like s/he's a fighter. Take care and look after yourself x
  • hi honey
    Really sorry to hear this, hoping and praying for your little bean to hang in there!
    get as much rest as you can, and know that you are in all our thoughts!
  • tbd - I am so so sorry for you hun, I've not been around for a few days but had been thinking of you all, feel awful for not being here while you were going through this.

    Please stay positive and full of hope for your little acrobat. Everything crossed for you.

  • Oh love that is so sad for you. But Im so glad that you have a very healthy one in there, and measuring ahead of their time too. It must be hard still though of course, you have suffered a loss and you need to grieve. So let yourself grieve. But find comfort in the twin that you still have. Im sure the angel twin will always be there with the other. Perhaps he/she left so that they could make way for the other to grow big and strong to full term so that you dont have a troubled pregnancy with the risk of their being twins.

    So are the NHS offering you a 12wk scan then?
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