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HSG on Thursday - ARGH!

Well ladies, the Norethisterone did it's job and apart from having the most awful mood swings and cramps I had a bleed (bit of a novelty cos it NEVER happens). I've booked in for my HSG on Thursday and having day 3 bloods on Monday.
Bit worried about the HSG. I hear it's uncomfortable but the nurse recommended I don't drive and take the rest of the day off - is it really that bad?


  • Hi twinklestar, i had one in a few months ago and posted all about it, if you want to look in "my other topics" you should find it (i will try and put up a link but im rubbish at this stuff X)
    It can be horrible for some people and you will prob feel a little sorry for yourself afterwards but I went back to work after

    Hope it works X

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  • Oh that's fantastic, thanks for that. It's put my mind at ease alot! Were you told your results straight away? x
  • Yes and glad to be of help X
  • Hi twinkle! I had mine last month. It was fine. I have a titled cervix so it took the radiographer 3 attempts to get the tube where it needs to be BUT she was lovely about it. It didn't really hurt but at some points was quite uncomfortable. If it's straightforward it should be just like a smear. My mum drove me and I took the whole day off (I never need much invitation!). I got the all clear there and then and the best bit? I got my BFP that cycle! It can increase fertility by 'flushing' you out. Manologirl over in ttc had the same luck after having hers xxxx
  • Claire's sanitary towel advice is good! Also, I took some extra power paracetamol about 30 mins before - just to be sure!
  • Hahaha Clare-ski thanks for the advice, I've had a laparoscopy to drain an ovarian cyst before so am more than familiar with the brick-like towels they provide you with!!
    Thanks for putting my mind at ease ladies, as you've said it's the fear of the unknown that's the most worrying thing. I'm sure it'll be fine.
  • Hi Twinklestar,
    Good luck for Thursday.!!!
    Just wondering if you could give me a little advice as I have my Laparoscopy on Wednesday and am a little nervous. How was it when you had yours??
  • Good luck hun - hope it all goes well for you - i'll be thinking of you and interested to hear of your experience - i have mine next saturday
  • Lots of luck for your HSG on Thursday. As the other girls have said it's really not too bad at all. Let us know how you get on.

  • babyhope - it wasn't that bad at all. I was uncomfortable for a few days and struggled to sit up, but other than that it was ok - I couldn't wear anything with a tight waistband for a good few weeks afterwards though. Strangely I can't touch my belly button anymore though because of the scarring, but that's just me being weird!!
    Suzannah and DG thanks for your messages, will update tomorrow. x
  • Hey twinklestar - wishing you lots of luck for tomorrow!! I have my hycosy next week so will look forward (?!?) to your update.... xx
  • Best of luck twinkle, im thinking of you today. Let us know how you are later on XX
  • Hope today goes well twinklestar!
  • Hope today goes well for you! x
  • Twinklestar how was it?
    I have mine next Thursday and am a bit scared cos I'm a bit wuss too.

    KayeCee, wow! That may well make any uncomfortableness worth it though, and thanks for all of your accounts - esp yours LoobyLou81, it helps to know what you're going into, and I'll take my flip flops and a cardi now!

    I'm working from home that day, and doubt I'll do many hours. May be a day for watching Clueless or Legally Blonde! :\)
  • Hi lades, I have my HyCosy today, from reading the bump and papers it seems to be the same thing ?? Do I need to take my dressing gown with me? My papers don't really tell me anything about that side of things. Can hubby come with me into the room or does he have to stay outside ??
  • I'm sure they will give you something to wear. I had a dressing gown (mine was private but I'm sure NHS isn't too different). I would think hubby would need to stay outside. My mum came with me but I wouldn't have wanted anyone else in there - I wasn't in the most (ahem) dignified of positions x
  • Hello ladies
    Well, bad news is it didn't go ahead. There was a mis-communication about my swab results so after an hour of waiting I was told to go home and come back next month!! I was livid and so so upset, so they've agreed to do it this Thursday. Will update you all then.
  • Aw how frustrating honey, least you havnt got to wait another 4 wks tho XX
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