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Anyone taking Metformin?

Hello lovely ladies!
I used to come on this forum last year after TTC for a while. I got told this week that I have lost my second baby in 5 months. I am booked in for an ERPC tomorrow. I have been doing a bit of research on recurrent miscarriage and there is a question mark that I may have PCOS btut hey didn't investigate it.
I was wondering if any of you ladies take metformin? Before I got my last BFP they were about to start me on clomid as I wasn't OV. I don't know if knowing I was about to start clomid helped me relax and got me my BFP.
Back to square one now and trying to decide where to go from here. Any experiences would be greatly appreciated!
Lilou xx


  • Hi hun

    When I first started being investigated they mentioned metformin to me and tested me for PCOS. I don't know fully the results of the tests but do know there were cysts on one of my ovaries! I was in for a lap and dye last week and they sent me home with 3 months of clomid. I am currently waiting AF to show up to start taking it. I am not sure why its clomid and not metformin but I am going to ask (and also ask for all the results of tests I have had!!) at my next appointment x
  • Hi Lilou

    I don't have any experience of using Metformin but just wanted to say I'm so sorry to hear of your MC's. Hope all goes as well as it can tomorrow.

  • Hi Lilou
    I remember you from LT TTC before.....
    I replied to you on another thread. Firstly I am so sorry that you had 2 mc's in such a short time it must be heartreaking.
    We would have been in the Sept/Oct 09 forum together I think but I never posted as was too scared that we would not make it. Couldn't really believe the BFP after all this time
    I have PCOS so have done a little bit of research when I thought we might be precribed it.
    Am probably repeating a tonne of stuff you already know really hope you don't think I am being patronising
    Metformin helps to control glucose metabolism which is why diabetics are routinely prescribed it and the low GI diet works well in PCOS sufferers. As you know glucose metabolism is part of the complex mechanism of PCOS but this arm of the disease is not hugely defined as it is a new ish concept.
    Clomid forces ovulation by blocking oestrogen receptors so diff compounds altogether
    NICE the centre for clinical excellence did a study comparing metformin plus clomid and clomid alone on pregnancy rates. There was no benefit from the metformin. Hence currently met is not licenced for PCOS in the UK. However some GP's do prescribe it. I think it is more in the manner to assist PCOS patients to loose weight.
    It may be the MC risk in PCOS is related to the hormone imbalance. They put me on progesterone support for the last part of the IVF programme (they do this for all IVF patients) but may increase the dose next time owing to the MC. Maybe you could ask about something like this
    Are you attending recurrent MC clinic I know a few ladies here are
    Really hoping you never ever suffer this again and we see each other on the PG forum

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  • Hi ladies,
    Thank you for your replies.
    Mrs Calpoa: I hope you get the answers you need from your tests. Sometimes it is all so overwhelming you come away in such a muddle you can't thin straight. i alsways go in with a huge list of questions for my Dr!:lol:

    Daisy Girl: Thank you for your support. I don't think I have really dwelled on the op tomorrow. I think I have been keeping myself distracted by trying to find out answers to why this has happened again and where to go from here. Not sure how I will feel afterwards! :\(

    J-Jenko: I replied to your other post too! :\) I saw my GP this afternoon for a check up. She used to work in the recurrent MC unit and is a registrar in Obs & Gynae, so I am really lucky to have her. She said she had been giving my case a lot of thought since my MMC on Tuesday. (she came through to see me after the dating scan picked up the problem). She is wondering if I have an autoimmune problem as I used to be hyperthyriod due to an autoimmune problem. They treated me with radioacttive iodine to knock out my thyriod so am now hypothyriod and take meds. She says the same problem could be killing my beans as they grow well with no bleeding or other issues so just doesn't seem right that the heart just stopped one day. I am booked in for an array of blood tests next Friday and she has sent me for a scan of my lower abdomen to check for PCOS aswell. I think they will definately put me on aspirin and poss metformin if I have PCOS. She did say it hadn't been well tested during pregnancy yet. The other thing I thought of was when I was hyperthyriod I used to get high glucose too...
    Rambling a bit now. Thanks for all your replies.
    Lilou xx
  • Hoping that tomorrow goes as well as possible for you Lilou.
  • Hi i have been on it for 8 days now and starting ICSI april fingers crossed
  • hi, i am sorry to here about your miscarriage. i myself had a miscarriage i know how tough it is. i also have pcos and was prescribed clomid. i was lucky and had my son on the first cycle. five years on i am going through the process again but have ben told it will be tougher. you do what you feel is best for you. if you feel you need more time to get over the miscarriage then do. but if you feel your ready then try clomid it can't do any harm
  • I started Metformin last month and withing a few days i started my period. I have just started another period today, 2 months in a row whooopeeedooo! That never hapens for me. My periods are so random normally. Not been able to get pregnant in almost 9 years with non existent periods so it's a step in the right direction at long last for us i hope.
    We will be starting Clomid in a few months time we hope.
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