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does anyone know???

How to upload a photo of hpt?? xx


  • Hi saw this on front page so im g/c but i can help with the photo thingy!
    you need to put photo onto facebook or something like snapfish first. then click to start a new topic (or add it to exsiting one by post reply as normal)
    get the photo on screen from the website you have loaded it to.
    right click on the photo
    click on properties
    then where it says url you need to highlight the whole address and then right click and click on copy
    then get BE up.
    get on the reply or new post bit
    click the lmg tab at top then right click and click paste
    then click the img*
    so you will have something like
    http:// with copied adress here without the spcaes

    then it should have copied it
    hope this helps
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