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Started my IVF injections


Started my injections yesterday, I was a little worried about them I numbed the area first with ice hubby drew it up for me then I did the injection it didn't hurt just stung a bit after and I have a tiny little bruise that I am sure will go in a couple of days. So all in all not to bad.

I then went to meet my friend who is 8 months pregnent............. She doesn't know my situation I have only told my best friend and family, I was thinking about telling her last night but she was so full of her pregnency I didn't I just had to sit and bear it, its so hard... But I had to keep thinking that will be me sitting there in 8/9 months with a massive bump. Fingers Crossed XXX


  • Thanks Mrs Amanda you are so supportive, what are arnica tablets?

    I am thinking of getting a relaxation ivf cd or a positive affirmations cd as I need some positive thoughts did you use anything like this.

    Annette xxxx
  • Hi Annette... First of all Good Luck with your IVF Treatment. Hope u get your BFP Soon.

    I am starting Lupron Injection on Sunday and I am so nervous. Can I ask, what injections dod i ustart and where r u injecting them. The Lupson ijections, I can either inject in my stomach or in my front thigh.

    SO ice helped alittle? I am more nervous with the stimulation shot.

    WHen are the plans for Retrieval if itall goes as planned?

  • Thanks Mrs Amanda, think i'll get some arnica my bruse from tonight is quite bad. I'll try the affirmations to xxxx

    Lady J, Thanks yes ice helped although tonights injection has bruised more so I am going to try some of the arnica that Mrs Amanda has reccommended. I have done mine in my tummy haven't tried my leg yet. I don't know when retrievel is yet, I have just started down reg and go for my first scan on the 4th Nov, I should have a period before then. Good luck for Sunday xxxx
  • Hi Lady J

    Just thought I'd let you know that I didn't use ice tonight and I did in the top of my leg and it was easier than my tummy xxx
  • Hi

    Anyone who has had injections, when you did them did they bleed (only slightly) and did the area swell at all? Mine have started to do that and I'm not sure if its right or not????

  • hi all, i wud like to share some of my experience, i have done 7 iui's and all failed, i was so devastated and depressed and den the doctor came out with the next level of treatment ie ivf, ihave started with the injections, it isn't that painful as i expected it would be. i wish this treatment works and i wud get a baby soon, guys i would like to kno if there is anything i should do with regards to food or exercise, bcoz as u kno this is my first shot and any advice would be so helpful. i am ready to do anything to have a baby so pls do reply, lots of baby dust to all

  • just wanted to wish you both good luck on your ivf journeys!

    x x
  • Hi,

    Just thought I'd pop on here to answer question about the injections/bleeding/inflammation.  Over the course of my 1st IVF cycle (which has just failed) some of my injections bruised slightly, some bled slightly, some inflammed slightly but none were every really bad.  Any that bruised went after a few days & inflamation went in the same day.

    Most were fine though & so much better that I ever expected and I'm not worried about it for the next cycle.

    Good luck & I really hope you carry on being fine about it.

    Love Butterfly


  • have a nice journey on you IVF, please keep us informed about your different milestones in this journey. Thanks

  • hi all,, me and my partner are going through ivf,, i start down regulating on the 15th of december , im so scared and nrevous about the whole procedure, i dont like nedles at all, but i want this so much so will grin and bear it how is everyone else feeling xx

  • Hi everyone,  I started down regulating on 14th Novemebr and have just started bleeding today which is what they told me would happen image  So tomorrow I will call them to make my next appointment for a scan and to start the next course of injections to stimulate my follicles to grow!  It's very exciting and I'm feeling very hopeful as we have been told we have a 45% chance of success so I think that is quite high??!  I guess there is no point thinking negatively its a case of go with th flow and what will be will be but we are closer at becoming pregnant doing this than trying naturally...

    The injections haven't been a problem for me so far.  I've been taking buserelin every morning and sometimes i feel a small scratch and sometimes nothing at all.  I don't have any bruises and I've been injecting into my tummy.

    Good luck to everyone on here, its an amazing process for something which was intended to be so natural which is sometimes confusing Xxx

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