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How much to have HSG done privately?

I've just given up hope of this ever happening on the NHS. I don't even want the stupid thing done in the first place as we both know the problems lie with my dear hubby, not with me, but since all they are able to offer me is another CD21 appointment I am simply not willing to go through all this again. Psyching myself up for it, abstaining from ttc for another cycle, only to have them tell me it's not possible to do it. I'm just not prepared to "waste" another cycle like this.

And to think this is still early hurdles for me. I just can't stand it. :cry:

So, how do I go about investigating having this scan done privately?


  • I had this done privately in July and paid 360 pounds. The prices vary a bit so it's worth ringing around. I booked my appt and had it done 5 days later. Was definitely worth the money. All you need to do is ring some private hospital, ask if they do it and book it. They do need a referral letter faxed from your consultant's secretary or from your GP but that was easy enough to arrange.

    Let me know if you want more info xxx
  • oh AFish, this is just unbelievable. Are you sure you or hubbie wouldn't feel up to makling a complaint? I really wished I had, as we went private because of a c**k-up and then they were very apologetic after we'd payed and I felt we could have avoided the ??350 bill. It is worth it though for peace of mind plus the fact that it could help things along a bit xx
  • Thanks ladies.

    Kayecee - just after I'd posted I made a phonecall and was quoted ??364 so you were spot on, thanks for the advice. Hope you and your bump are doing ok too by the way, haven't spoken to you for ages.

    TBD - to be honest I just don't have the energy to complain about last time any more. I'm just so fed up it seems to have completely drained me, so you know what I mean?

    I spoke to hubby at lunchtime and his opinion is to save our money as we may need it further down the line more than we need it in these investigatory stages. I kind of know what he means. So we are going to really go for it this cycle and then, assuming AF arrives, get booked in next cycle. In fact I might even phone them a week before expected AF so that I get a date that fits in properly with the times I want!

    It's all utter madness.

  • I can totally understand what you're saying hon. You just get to the stage where you don't want to fight because it's enough of a battle already. I think what you're planning to do makes a lot of sense though. I lied about when AF had arrived to try to get earlier appt too (didn't work for me as there were NO appts at all every month I phoned)!! I think if I were you I'd phone and say that you don't want the offered appt as it's on CD21 which is too late and you want to book in for next cycle based on when AF will be's worth a try. I know what you mean about it being hubbie with the problem, but there is always the possibility of it being both of you, personally I would have rather known that, even thoigh the chances are slim (sorry that sounds negative though, I'm sure it's not the case). Hope you get a xmas miracle in the meantime though xx
  • I did that too TBD - called before I even got AF. They were fine about it even though they still couldn't fit me in! It's worth a try though. I feel for you chick - every little step seems to take such a damn long time and it's never easy. It will be worth it in the end though xxxx
  • Hi Angelfish - I too looked into going private, but as we were 'fairly' sure the problem laid with DH we decided to save our pennies incase we have to fork out for private treatment (IVF). The hospital were next to useless at getting me an appointment - each month I called they were 'aready full' or 'the consultant had decided to take 2 weeks leave' I'm not joking I did that much ranting and raving down the phone I think I got my eventual appointment as the receptionist feared for her life! In the end I called on the Monday morning and made an appointment for a fortnight later, that way no sneaky blighters got in there before me! If only I could win the euromillions I would open up fertility clinics everwhere and you could be first on my list for a HSG! image
  • Ah, thanks Chickidee, both for letting me be first on your list, and for making me smile! It doesn't seem fair that we should have to kick up a fuss, ranting and raving, even lying about our AF date, just to get the scan that we have been told by the hospital we need to have. Why do they make it so hard? I'm glad I'm not the only one who has had problems just with getting an appointment.

    Kayecee - you're right, this journey is long enough as it is without stupid radiology department rules dragging it out even further. It doesn't help that I'm impatient, but even so... thank you for understanding me.

    TBD - thanks again hun, that's good advice. I'll give them a call on Monday and say just that. My cycles are pretty regular so I could say with fair certainty when next AF would be due and just get myself booked in. Hope you and your twin beans (so exciting to be saying that to you!) are doing well.

    Thanks again ladies, you're great! x
  • Good luck hon. Just to say as well, what happened in my case was that AFTER we'd had scan and payed for it we were told that the department have a target to meet where everyone should get the scan (I had hycosy) within 3 months of being told they need it and should be able to book in advance as long as have regular cycles. This was NOT what happened and we ere completely misinformed by receptionist who said we had to phone month after month on 1st day of AF until we struck lucky - which we never did, because everyone else was booking in advance it seems! That's why I'd push it if I were you, because that money would have paid for most of my IVF drugs or something else along the way. We all seem to be doing well thanks sweetie...just feeling v sick! xx
  • My hopsital had that three month rule so it's definitely worth quoting angelfish x
  • Hi 

    We r trying 4 years.We have 1 boy 6.5 years. Nothing happens.

    Hsg where you done. Please give me the phone no please.Is it good if we do the test where you done. Or do you know where I can get less price.



    [email protected]

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