just how i feel

Our infertility cannot be seen
But we feel it everyday
The hurt the anguish and despair
Doesn't go away

We are grieving all the time
For something we never had
I never thought that was possible
To lose something that was never there - to feel so sad

We hate to feel this way
We hate to cry these tears
We hate to wonder how long this will take
Will it be months or years?

It kills us to see other families
It's a reminder of what we aren't
We should smile for them and be happy
But we just can't

It hurts us to listen to parents
Saying a crying baby is the pits
We should be so lucky to have a crying baby
We wouldn't mind a bit

We would sit and admire our baby
This amazing thing that we created
We would embrace this baby with so much love
And talk about how long for this we had waited

We wouldn't mind the dirty nappies
Or the many sleepless nights
We would just be grateful to have our bundle
That we would hold so tight

We wouldn't complain about feeding
Or having our lives turned upside down
Nothing could get rid of our smiles
From having our baby around

We hope the wait is over soon
And that our baby will be here
Then the day will come
That we can finally shed happy tears


  • yeah i dont know why im feeling this way but i am...im waiting very impatiently to get my peaks on my CBFM so i think its frustration for me!......keep your chin up sweety xxx
  • savour the chocolate!!!!...................its my only solace in this dreary journey!!!......hmmm wispa gold and a steaming hot cup of tea!!!......you have my taste buds tantalising now!.....and il be the one with the spots then!!!!.....im really glad you liked the poem and thank you for taking the time to read it and respond to my post.......good luck with ttc....xxx
  • That just says it as is, I know my situation is slightly different but were all longing for the same, a baby to take home. Thank you for sharing xxxx
  • thank you.... it'a feels like a lonely road, but reading that makes you realise it's not that lonely!
  • what a frank expression of feelings. sums up the way i feel, as we all do, day in day out.
    thank you x
  • Well said melissa - sums it all up really. It SUCKS doesn't it. Hope you're feeling a bit brighter soon. Come on you peak!!! xxx
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