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Hi ladies - I hope you don't mind if I join this forum, I feel it is more appropriate for me. I'm married, 25 years old, been trying to conceive for nearly 10 months, came off the pill before Christmas but only had 1 period in March since coming off. Been to see gyne consultant last week, he put me on a week's worth of Noresthisterone to make me come on (just taken my last tablet!) So should come on probably tomorrow. Got a pelvic scan on Wednesday to see what is what, then got to do blood tests. I'm most probably going to me be on Wednesday for my scan - will this be a problem?

Consultant also said that he will probably put me on Clomid, has anyone else been on this, what's the success rate? I know if you are on it a long time that there is a risk of cancer.

Would like to hear from anyone else who is going through same thing. x

PS: can you let me know what your abbreviations stand for when you write in a post.


  • hi and welcome to the group

    sorry i don't know much about clomid but i know some of the girls on here are on it so i'm sure they'll be along soon.

    with regards to your scan i'd give the hospital a quick call just to make sure its ok. i know when i went i was on too and they said it didn't matter and to come along anyway.

    i'll bump the abbreviations list to the top for the forum for you so you can see what they all mean.

    let us know how you get on at the hospital x
  • Hi Tasha, thanx for your reply. I have called the hospital and they said it won't matter. My appointment is at 9.40 on Wednesday. Bit nervous, will they tell me my result there and then or will I have to wait?
  • they might do.
    i had to wait for mine but i think thats because i've got pcos so they done a load of tests all at once with me as well as testing hubby. but the man who done my scan did kind of tell me he thought it looks like i did have pcos but still had to wait for all the blood tests to come back to conrfirm it all.

    you must have a good doctor cos i was on the depo injection for years and when i stopped getting it they wouldn't refer me until my periods came back regular it was only when i hadn't had one for over a year they started doing tests.

    i know its not nice going for test when your on. i was hoping they'd tell me to wait but they didn't and they done an internal on me. i was nearly crying cos i hate all that kind of invasive stuff as it is. god know what i'd be like in labour. lol. i'd tell them to leave the room. :lol:

    don't worry about it though you'll be fine. once you know wots going on with your body and they get you on any meds that you might need you'll soon be on track to that bfp.

    have you tried agnus castus? that was really good in helping regulate my periods. its just a herbal remedy but a lot of us on here use it.
  • I think it's because I haven't stopped pestering that I am having tests, I was told I was on a 4 month waiting list!! Went back to my GP told him I can't mentally cope with waiting that long. He sent another letter saying any chance I could be seen sooner. I also called gyne appointments clerk direct and asked could I be put on a short notice list. Then my DH called to see to go private then they finally fitted me in under NHS!! Just goes to show if you carry on pestering you will get somewhere.

    I think I've got PCOS too, DH thinks I'm jumping the gun. Do you mind me asking what are they doing for you to TTC? Haven't tried AC but considering doing so, I've read up on it. Would you recommend it then?
  • agnus castus worked for me. so i'd recommend it yeah.
    over the last few year i've only been having about 2 periods a year but since taking AC i've have one about every 6 weeks since about april/may this year. i've only picked up i've ov once in that time though. thats even if i did ov.

    The doctor has put me on metformin for the PCOS so i'm taking that with the AC. I think i'm gonna ovulate this week cos i've been monitoring the signs and if i do that means this cycle will be about 5 weeks which hopefully means its regulating even more.

    to be honest all they done for me was say go away lose weight and take metformin. i went back last month and he just said carry on losing weight (i'm at slimming world) and taking metformin.
    i've got to go back in 6 month which i'm not really happy with but hopefully i'll either have lost the weight he wants me to lose by then or i'll have fell pregnant. if i've lost the weight he'll put me on clomid.
    i really struggle with my weight.

    i'm also using a clearblue fertility monitor. i've never picked up a peak yet on it but i've only used it twice and i think its because of my long cycles. so i'm hoping it'll pick up a peak this week.
  • Hi Tasha, thanks for the advice and sharing your experiances with me. :\) I'm taking pregnacare supplement for conception, but defo get some AC - sounds promising!! I hope slimming world is working for you - I find cutting out bread and potatoes helps me lose weight and making homemade veg soup for lunch with oatcakes - maybe worth a go!!

    Good luck with ovulating!!!! image
  • yeah i've cut out lots of bread i hardly eat it at all now.

    ooooooh i could just eat homemade soup now you'e said that. lol
  • Hi, just wanted to welcome you to this forum. Can't tell you much about Clomid but there are a few ladies on here on it. I'm on Metformin for PCOS which has brought back my af. Whoo hoo. There is a list of abbreviations on there somewhere. Good luck with your tests and hope you get a BFP really soon.
  • Hi there, justed wanted to say hello really and welcome. Sorry, I don't know really know about clomid so can't offer any advice on that one. Wishing you lots of luck though x
  • Hi just wanted to say hi and welcome all the ladies here are great.

    Ive got my next appointment with the hospital in November which hopefully i wil be going on clomid.

    I know one of the ladies on here was on clomid and is now pregnant.

    I think they only put you on it for a maximum of 6 months and there is a risk of cysts and fibroids on your ovaries.

    Hope this has helped a little bit. Any more questions ask away.

    jen xx
  • Good Morning girls - thank you for all your posts image

    Wishing you all best of luck TTC, got my scan tomorrow morning. No sign of AF yet. I'll be in touch again soon to let you know how I went on. x
  • Hi pont2 - welcome!!

    I'm having a pelvic scan in a couple of weeks too! I have regular periods and i'm oving but two of my hormone levels were a little ov, so its a just in case kind of thing.

    Good luck, and I hope you period finds/ found you (we don't say that very often!!)

    Rach x
  • Hiya

    I had my scan yesterday and the doctor just kept saying "look's fine" "aha" and things like that. I asked her to tell me what she was seeing and she turned the screen round and explained everything to me as she did it. So if they don't tell you anything I'd just ask them to.

    Good luck - it's really quick and pain free and hopefully you'll get some answers.

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