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Hey hon, Just wanted to send you my warm wishes and loads of luck. I know you've already had your scan by now and I just have my fingers crossed that it's good news for you my lovely. xx


  • I have logged on early this morning as I was thinking of you Sarah.
    I hope it went well honey, and I hope you are ok,
    lots of love
  • Morning girlies and thank you so very much for your well wishes. It's so kind of you both to be thinking of me especially when you both have so much going on yourselves. So that's made me smile and feel a bit happier inside :\)

    It's not good news though I am afraid from the scan - both ovaries are polycystic and 'bulky' which I know is not good. The right is worse than the left. I already have my appointment with the consultant for metformin after I come back from holiday and the woman taking the ultrasound just said her advice would be to speak to my GP about making an appointment with a specialist as combined with the blood test results it is a definite case of PCOS. It's what I expected but I still sobbed my heart out in the car with my poor DH not knowing what to say for the best. I just hoped that they'd say one was normal so I at least had half a chance.

    But I am feeling a bit better today. I have two weeks until I see the consultant and I have a friend's wedding and a girlie holiday booked so I am determined to enjoy those and try to forget about it all for a couple of weeks. There is nothing I can do until then. Last night I just really felt like I wanted off this rollercoaster but I am sure after a two week break I will be ready to take it all on again. My DH is great though, I don't know what I would do without him, and of course you lovely ladies on here. It's so hard not being able to talk to anyone about it and I have a friend who is very vocal at the moment about her and her partner trying for a baby. She came off the pill in June and is already wondering why nothing has happened!! I feel like screaming that I'm 18 months ahead of her and still no baby! Still, how much more will we appreciate our blessings when they do finally come.

    Good luck to you both this month - you have both been so great in your support and I am really grateful to have found you on here. Now I'll stop before I am in floods of tears at my desk!!

    Thanks girlies!!

    S xx
  • Oh honey, I am so so sorry.
    When you go and see the consultant talk to him about drilling in to your ovaries. This will decrease the "bulkiness" and reduce the size of them. The thought of drilling is a lot more scary than it sound honey, and it helps with your hormones levels as well.
    I know exactly how you feel honey, I have a friend to got pregnant the first month of trying. I was really happy for her but when she told me it broke my heart at the same time. It is really hard and such an emotional journey but you WILL getr through it and you WILL have the outcome of a gorgeous baby in the end.
    Sending you a HUGE HUGE HUGE hug
  • Thanks Rachie S, I will talk to her about drilling although it sounds very scary!! I am making a list so I don't forget to mention anything so I hope she's scheduled me in for a looooong appointment!!

    Sometimes I do wonder if DH & I will ever come to the end of this journey but at the moment I'm just putting one front in front of the other and hoping.

    Thanks for the hug - boy do I need one today!!

    S xx
  • I have had drilling done twice to reduce the size of my ovaries, it is not as scary as it sounds. The scares are the width of a 5p piece. It just sounds scary! For some reason when they drill into it helps lower your hormone level too, A list is a really good idea... ask as many questions as you need to.

    But don't lose hope. There are so many success stories... my sister has PCOS and has two fantastic little kids, I know another girl who has just conceived straight after a lap and dye and at the same time she had drilling and she conceived the first month after.

  • Thanks Rachie S!! That's really made me smile :\)

    I know it will be soooo worth the struggle when we do get there.

    How are you doing today? You must be counting down hours now! The last few days of the 2ww are always the worst!!

    S xx
  • Keep thinking like that, it will be worth it and you will get there!
    I am doing OK today... although may be slightly nuts in the head! I think today my boobs have gorwn... have no idea if they have or if they just look more prominant in this dress... but this 2ww has completely ruined my sanity!!!!!
    Roll on sunday... although I can see me giving in beforehand now if AF does not arrive, am trying to wait until sunday but I am now not sure!

  • I was wondering how everything went.....I'm so sorry to hear that it was bad news.
    For now perhaps focus on your holiday and friend's wedding. And take comfort in knowing that your other half is there for you and we are here any time you want to chat.

    Where are you off to? Anywhere nice?

    Sending you a massive hug!!!!

    Nadine ;\)

  • i have wrote on our other post sarah, but just wanted to say big hugs and thank you for your support when you are going thru all this too. infact thanks to all the girls, xxxx
  • Ha ha Rachie S!! That made me laugh - I know what it's like to put something on and think - is it me or do my boobs look bigger??!! Mine always swell a bit before AF though and they don't need to get any bigger!! Please try and hold out till Sunday - I know it's sooooo hard but the longer you wait the more likely the result will be accurate. It would be awful to get a BFN when you don't need to see one. Try, try, try your very best - it's not long now! Keep yourself distracted with your girlie day on Saturday!!

    Thanks Nadine - I am off to Malta as my friend is from there so we are meeting up with all her family. It will be a great break and I really feel like I need it. I will miss DH as we have never been apart for that long before but I am hoping he will really miss me too and the house will be sparkling clean when I get back!! I can dream!!

    Janine, I will have a look now at your other post but I just wanted to say that I am sorry your doc's aren't being very helpful for you. We are at a very similar stage so I really hope you get the answers and the help you need very soon.

    Babydust to you all for this month. I'm pretty sure I'm out so you can all have my share - I hope it's lucky for you!!

    S xx
  • Hey so sorry it was not better news for you honey. Sorry this is just a quick reply as my head is all over the place this morning. But I wanted to give you a huge hige HUG. It must be so very frustrating for you hon, but I think you have the right attitude towards it and a break from thinking about it will probably be just what you need. I'm sure you will come back raring to go.....there are so many success stories about people with PCOS so I am sure once you get the right treatment you WILL get through this journey. Lots of love xxx
  • Thanks for popping on TBD, I hope you are ok? You know where we are if you need to talk or you can email me? I think I have added it on here in my info.

    Take care of yourself and speak soon

    S xx
  • How you doing today hun?!
  • Hey RachieS!

    Much better thank you today. I had acupuncture last night and she was much happier with my pulses when I left so I think she managed to balance and chill me out!! That was definitely money well spent!! I have just come to terms with the fact that although it feels like we have been trying for a lifetime already it is just going to take a little longer. I have a friend in Tokyo who I asked to go and visit one of the fertility shrines for me and say a little prayer. She actually asked the Buddhist priest there to say a chant specifically for me and she also sent me a charm. What a star! So with the heavens on my side, surely I can't go wrong!!

    How are you doing? It's not long to hold out now. Any more symptoms? I think you mentioned on another post about some crampy twinges which sounded positive!! I hope you've kept that diary because the first thing all us symptom spotaholics will want to know is what they all were!! I really do have everything crossed for you this month - you so deserve for all your dreams to come true.

    Good luck!!

    S xx
  • I find acupuncture to be fantastic for relaxing and everything. Does she look at your tongue as well? Isn't it amazing what they can tell about your pulses?! That is lovely of your friend, really lovely.
    When is it you go on holiday? Least you have your appt lined up for metformin and everything image And you may notice a significant improvement after that as well.
    I am doing Ok today, I feel full of PMA today! AF is due today or tomorrow... so fingers crossed! I have made a note of every symptom so if I have another month of injections least then I can figure out what symptoms to expect and what I can put down to the injections rather than symptom spotting! I think I may test tomorrow morning though... I will be 13 or 14DPO then.

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