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Hi not sure if i am asking this question in the right forum?

7-8 days before period i bleed when we have sex only during docs say its hormonal and only way to stop is going on pill but not an option as ttc and been through many tests to find out why not preg yet has anyone else had anything similar as docs say is common but i know noneone who has this and am conviced this is stopping me from getting BFP it has been happening for about a year now?


  • Hi and welcome.
    I normally post on ttc but have been taking a'break' for a while because getting too stressed about the whole thing.

    Yes I get this extra bleeding in my cycle as well-I'm 34 and have had it for about 1 1/2 years now. I'm fine for 2 - 2 1/2wks but when I have sex around ovulation I bleed afterwards (sometimes not straight away). This then happens up til period arrives.
    Used to really worry me, to the point I think when the stress of it was making the bleeding worse. Have had bloods, ultrasound and hystroscopy and biopsies and all results normal so its put down to hormones!!??!!

    My doctor has assured me, at least 3 times that it shouldn't affect ttc as long as you ovulate, which I do.

    I am on month 10 ttc now however and had to reply to your post because its taken a lot for me to believe this is having no impact on our ttc efforts!!

    p.s a couple of months the bleeding hasn't hapened my DH has laughed at me for worrying that there's no blood!! He says can't win:lol:
  • Thanks you so much for your reply i honestly thought i was the only person in the world and it really gets me down as obviously as you know it isn't the most attractive thing in the world.

    My docs says the same but we have been trying to concieve for nearly 3 years now but they haven't found anything wrong with me but they think hubby may have dodgy sperm
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