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Clomid info please

I was just wanting to know everyones clomid experiences. I am on my second month of clomid and I sweare it has turned me into a hormoaal crazed woman!! Is this just me? And ive been getting headaches way more than normal. Does anyone else have this or any other side affects?

Oh and im not having bloods or scans, should I be? Im not being monitored as I obtained my clomid privately and cant afford to go back but should i go to my gp and ask for bloods?

Any other info or experiences would be great.

Thank you ladies

Han xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Hi,

    I just finished taking my first dose of clomid on tuesday, I had really bad headaches (although didnt link the two untill after i'd finished them) Whilst i was taking them i also kept getting hot flushes! Im only 23 lol! Never had them before so it must have been the clomid.

    Have my scan on monday, Fingers crossed its started working! x
  • hey laura, im 23 too and havent had the hot flushes thank god! I got my headaches after taking the tabs but im getting headaches throughout my cycle too.
    Do you think you can get side affects way after taking the tablets ie CD 16?

  • Im not sure sorry, The hot flushes thankfully seem to have stopped now iv stopped taking them but still had a couple of headaches, although not as bad as when taking the tabs - i dont usually suffer from headaches so maybe its still the clomid? I was very moody too, but thought that might be the norethisterone i had to take first, Poor other half lol x
  • I had headaches on it. I felt ukind of hungover most of the time. You are messing with your hormones so makes sense you might be a bit crazy! It will be worth it - I'm 12 weeks today!!!! x
  • Hi,

    Congrats for making it to 12 weeks Baby B, it's so great to hear success stories.

    I'm on months two of Clomid, 50mg days 2-6 and been having day 21 bloods, which have been really important for me. Took them for the 1st time in Nov/Dec and bloods showed progesterone levels rose to 180, so had to stop taking them in Dec/Jan and bloods showed progesterone levels at 0, took them again in Jan/Feb and progesterone levels went up to 101.

    They have caused me to have a change of mood, but for the better, they make me feel high on life, and OH things they're great and I should take them all the time! The only other thing I noticed is OV pains are a lot stronger, but the doc said that it's because so many eggs are being released. They're said I can carry on taking them even though my levels are so high as without them nothing happens, she did say though that if I get bad abdominal pains I should go straight to my GP.

    I'm on day 30 of a 31-39 day cycle, but the doc did say the Clomid should regulate my cycle to around 28 days.
  • i am on 2nd round of clomid - first one we concieved after 13 moths ttc but sadly mmc twins.

    This month i had bad headaches and hot flushes but they past soon after i am now 2.5 dpo and want to pee on sticks already.

    Good luck with the clomid - i was given mine by my gp but when you do get your bfp tell them that it is a clomid baby and they should put you under consultant care - and they keep a closer eye on you

    Good luck x
  • hey ya, i was very lucky when i was on it and apart from a few mood swings (poor dh) it didn't really effect me. I was on 50mg day 2-6, 2nd month got my BFP. I'm 8 weeks on Sunday. Stick with it, its well worth it in the end. Good luck
  • i am on my first cycle of clomid i felt no side affects the first time i took it 5 years ago but this time i had hot flushes.i have finished taking tablets and had a scan today have to go back for another scan on wednesday my pcos has worsened i believe that it has worked this time not that the doctors have said anything i don't know. i know that if it doesn't work this cycle they are gonna doublr the dose to 100mg
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