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Symptom spotting (i know i shouldn't)

well i'm now 7dpo and i'm already stir crazy. i think its cos this month i got peaks for the first time on my cbfm.

i think i'm giving myself symptoms. i've alreay poas 3 times (i know totally stupid) 3 bfn's of course.

anyway today i keep getting funny pains in my right hip area then going down my leg a bit like pins and needles. anyone ever had this, is it even a pregnancy sign? i have got mega sore nipples but then again i sometimes get them with af.

ohhhh i really hate waiting. i wish you could find out straight away. probably only gonna be a bfn again but i still like to hope. (pma out the window after 3 years of trying) i don't think its ever gonna happen.
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