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HELP-Private IUI consult friday*ping myself!!!

After 29month and many many tests that have resulted in NHS doctor telling us it is unexplained fertility:\( We have got our first consulation at BMI Shirly Oaks hospital on friday afternoon with the veiw to have our first attemp at IUI next week once AF arrives, i know she will this month as we have had a month off checking dates etc etc so unless its a miricle af is due next saturday, two days before my second wedding anniversary.

its a bit of a rant really as we have told various people we are ttc and only a few that we are having a form of IVF but have not given them the specific dates as we dont want any added pressure!! but i am really realy scarred as on one hand i could get a bfp at the end of oct and on the other hand after spending a large amount on private treatment could just be worst off both financially and also mentally...........

oooohhhhhh i dont know what to think...................:\?:\?:\?:\?

i am s**ting myself help me please.imageimage



  • I am in exactly the same position. Had our first appointments at the clinic yesterday and she talked us through the options. We are having all tests completed when I get af, could be a while yet, but then poss IVF.

    I have done nothing but cry since we came out of the appointment. Part of me is really excited that we may get our chance. Mainly though I just dont know if I want to do it. I cry all the time when people tell me theyre pregnant or when I see babies so I dread to think what it would be like after a couple of failed IVFs. I also hate the idea of all the drugs they give you. I just dont know if I can put myself through all the heartache.
  • good luck for today
    fingers crossed it goes well for you
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