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TTC, PCOS, anyone tried letrozole?

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I am looking for anyone who can give me some advice, ive been ttc for 4/5 years now, i have a 10 year old son, i was diagnosed with PCOS 3 years ago, really bad facial hail, acne, when on period im passing clots, iregular periods,i have been getting my day 21 blood tests for months which are coming back as no ovulation occursed eventally was reffered to fertility clinic where they checked my tubes with putting dye through them, consultant said they were clear , the right one had a slight blockage but as the dye was put through it flushed the blockage away, the have now given me 2.5mg of letrzole to make me ovulate and told me to take this on day 2 of my next period for 5 days then go  for a day 21 progesterone test to see if ive ovulated which i havent been, my last period was 4th Jan 2019 now im 11 days late with BPN, tender breasts and cant stop eating, im just hoping my period starts soon so i can take my fertitlity medication....has anyone else ever had any luck with letrozole?



  • Hi & omg I’m exactly in the same boat as you, have a 10 year old was diagnosed with PCOS 4 years ago , very bad facial hair and acne, irregular periods and passing large clots, wasn’t ovulating at all, had dye putting through my tubes said they were clear but right had a little blockage had a period in Jan and never had another one till June when I started letrozole 2.5mg went for day 21 bloods and my progesterone was 60.1 so I’m patiently waiting till next week so I can take a test, are you any further with anything ?
  • Hi AD86 i haven't referred to Letrozole yet as i am in second round of clomid. if failed 3rd round will go for tubal test. can you please tell me did your doc put you directly to Letrozole?
    Well 60 is a good number, my first round clomid gave me 16mm follicle and 70 level progesterone but no BFP. this cycle they arent monitoring me and didnt topped the dose as well. Will see what happen next.
    All the best to you hun, it will come to us eventually. lots and lots of baby dust for us
  • Hi all, 

    I am so happy to have found this thread. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS after 2 years TTC. This month was my first month trying using letrozole and ovitrelle shots. I went for a scan on day 3 so they could make sure the lining of my womb had thinned out and there were follicles. I then started taking letroxole twice a day for 5 days (I had some bad symptoms with the drug but nothing that I couldn't cope with). I then went back for a scan two days later and they said that my womb lining was nice and thick there were potential three viable follicles/eggs and then took bloods. They then phoned me in the afternoon and told me to go ahead and take my trigger shot of ovitrelle when i got home from work and to go back in the morning for insemination. That is where I am at now. 

    I have to give myself a second shot of ovitrelle on the 17th and then go back on the 26th for pregnancy blood tests (I will have tested myself before that so will know). 

    Please can we try and keep this thread going as I would really like to see how all of your journeys go. Keeping fx for everyone this is our month xxxx
  • All the best for your BFP. i will update mine for sure. i am just wondering why they didn't put me on letrozole. really hope clomid works for me.
    Lots of baby dust for us.
  • I have seen people be put on both. I think letrozole is becoming the more favoured one but I think there isn’t much difference with results using the two. 

    Keeping fx for all of us this month xx
  • Hi guys

    yes I was referred to a fertility clinic, 1st of all they put dye through my tubes, they were normal and then next spot the started me on letrozole, this was my 1st round got a BFN today, I don’t think I’m pregnant this month but will test again on Monday if my period hasn’t come, yeah would be good to hear how yous both get on with the journey that feels like a life time.

    baby dust 🙂
  • It does feel like a massive journey but I really am grateful for these forums it really helps to hear other people’s journeys and know you’re not the only one going through it so thanks for posting x
  • Yeah same keep me updated 😊
  • This is me on day 28 no sign of period, had mild cramping on my right side yesterday and some brown spotting but away today, got a BFN yesterday but I could have been testing too early, I don’t think I’m pregnant this month but wishful thinking 😂 how are yous getting on?
  • I’m only 2dpo and already the wait is killing me. Just trying to stay positive and keep busy. Sorry about your BFN but you’re right prob still too early to test. Keeping fix for you x
  • Thanks a lot 
  • My period started this morning 😭 hopefully next round of letrozole will do the trick. 😃
  • Hi Ad86, sorry to see AF showed up this month. Keeping fx for you next time round. Can’t believe I am only 3dpo, god the two sucks! 
  • Thanks, I know I want everything to happen yesterday, too impatient , not going to think that much into it this month 
  • Called my fertility clinic to book in for day 21 bloods but as I ovulated last month they said I won’t need them as the medications working, I will buy ovulation kits nearer the time and test myself, really hoping it happens for me this month
  • Good luck with it all. The best ones I ever used for accuracy were the clear blue digital tests. They are a bit expensive but nothing was as good for me as they were x
  • Thanks for your advice, il buy them nearer the time, it’s hard going when you are all set up to be let down lol
  • Defiantly is, we have been trying for 2 1/2 years now but still trying to be hopeful as just got pics diagnoses so starting with fertility drugs x
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    They say it’s a good drug for fertility, Kazam2817 where are you from? I’m in Glasgow. X
  • Ha, I’m in Glasgow too!!!
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