Sucess stories with low sperm count BFP???

Hi, Would like to hear some sucess stories with people getting BFP with Low Sperm Count need some nice stories to lift my hopes image

Sarah xximage


  • me too please!!!
  • Hi!

    Success stories are Kayecee (due in April 2010)

    Fairy20 (after a failed ICSI cycle fell naturally preganant on honeymoon I think)

    Moonbean. Again had gone through all the tests then fell naturally. Think she's due in March 2010

    We've just had our first cycle of ICSI and got a positive image Got a scan on friday to check if one or two implanted and healthy heartbeat/right size.

  • my auntie and uncle had ICSI and from their first cycle have a very healthy bouncing 13 year old!!!

  • Sorry to gatecrash - Mrs Pootle congrats!!! I'm sorry I missed this well done you xxx
    Sassy - as Mrs P stated we went through all tests (18 months of trying) and were advised on 1st June that is was likely that we would need ICSI as oh had poor count, motility and 99% abnormal shaped sperm, at the end of june no period and positive test??!!!

    Good luck to you chick xx

  • Thanks Girls this is very reassuring image xx
  • Yay MrsP name checked me (and managed to find a thread which is more than I would have managed to do!) X
  • Hi Moonbean and Kayecee hope your pregnancies are progressing smoothly image

  • Thanks MrsP! Good luck with the scan! image

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