Help i don't want 2 nag him...

dh still hasn't done his SA and its really pi$$ing me off!!!
its not like i'm not having my fair share of test he just has this ONE and still hasn't done it!! When i've asked him he's said he'll get round to it :roll: but when???

Has any1 else had this problem? I know every1 will suggest giving him a "helpful hand" ;\) but i leave for work at 7:15am and the drop off thing is between 9-12 so that just wont work...

Please don't think he's not being supportive cause he is very its just he's so laid back with everything and i hate nagging. xxxx


  • I just typed out a huge reply and the bloody website lost it AARRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Basically I said that often you have to call in to "book" the slot for the sample to be analysed (they can only do some many a day and cos it has to be done within a time frame)... why don't you call them and see when is available etc.... that way he has too go then!

    How's his dad too?

  • i wish we could do that its just a drop off thing according to the form he was can't tie him down to a date/time :roll: i just don't know what to do i'm trying to be relaxed and put no pressure on him but if he keeps dragging his feet and i get a closer appointment through i'm worried it'll hold things up...

    His dad is doing loads better image image he's back at home recovering and this bit we're all so proud of....he's stopped smoking COMPLETELY!!!!!! baring in mind he's a 60 + a day bloke this is superb!!!! He's still not back to "normal" but that will take time we're all just happy he's still here even if he stole my thunder on my hospital day image

  • Ur original reply it came to my email and had to be posted especially the bit about a "[email protected] room" image :lol: LMAO

    Oooo Men ! What are they like... unless I'd booked hubby in for his he certainly wasn't going to be proactive.... tell him he only has a short window to do it as he has to abstain for 3 days before (no more, no less) and you dont want to go without a bit of nooky at exactly the time of month when you should be having lots of nooky !!!

    Either that or bribary....

    Cos we had to go to a local private clinic this time for hubby they wouldn't let you "drop off" you had to do the deed there - hubby came out of the room and then promptly said "I want a w**K room at home" - I think he quite enjoyed it (sorry - can't believe I shared that )

    I know what you mean tho, and I understand that he has had a bit of a hard time with his dad being ill - how is he by the way? - but maybe that could be an approach - made you realise how important life is and how short we all have and therefore we need to get "on with it" and see if that works....

    sometimes though you have to book the time with the pathology to make sure they can anaylses the day you bring it in - why don't you call and see when is available and give him the choices of dates and then you book it - that way he has too...

    Good luck honey

  • why on earth did my reply go to your email ??????? WEIRD :\?

    Hubby said last night (whilst we were cooking dinner together I might add) that "he supposes he doesn't really need a w**k room as he has the lounge, the bathroom, the spare-room, the bedroom " WTF.... image I am wondering why I am no PG - he keeps wasting his swimmers on toilet paper :lol: image :lol: :roll:

    MEN ;\)
  • LMAO!!!

    Why do men do that, just walk round the house "knocking-one-off" (hubbys words) :\? :\? Don't get me worng i'm not a prude but i don't like ANYBODY having a [email protected] on my sofa :evil: i haven't as yet bought a CSI body fluid dector light yet so i have no way of checkin but hubby better hope to god i don't catch him doing it....unless of course he's doing it in a pot which is then to be taken to the hospital :\)
  • LOL - I have visions of you inspecting the sofas with blue light bodily functions lights as per CSI now !!!!

    At least my sofa's are leather ergo wipe clean :lol:

    I'm not a prude either but there are somethings you'd rather not know about :roll:

    Probably the same urge that makes him want to use the loo always when I am already in the shower :evil:

  • :lol: @ toilet thing!!! DH does this to but even worse when ellie and i r in the bath eewwww "Ellie often says daddy u stink!"

    We've got leather sofas to thank god but there black so IF he DARES do "it" he better clean up properly ;\)
  • hee hee hee - I found where you can get a UV light - hee hee hee...

    now I just need a loo buzzer that gives hubby an electric shock everytime he sits on the loo when I am in the shower/bath.... might discourage him from sitting there :lol: !!!

    Either that or I need to borrow Ellie for a while image

  • *packs ellies bag* she's on the train should be there in an hr make sure u pick her up bedtimes at 8pm she likes milk a cuddle and story. also like to put hands up ur top and feet down the back of pj as she gets cold apparently.

    *lilac runs off* night off excellent!!!!

    Obviousley i love my DD, i understand what a presious gift she is and couldn't live with out her and would never off load her on some1, but jules offered and use to be in child care image image
  • Excellent - a fun night with Ellie - do we have to keep to her bedtime though cos coming to stay at my house is a treat *bats eyelids at Jenna*

    I have lots of children's story books, plenty of milk and I'm good at cuddles. I don't mind cold feet down my PJ's either!

    I also know Ellie is good cake making - so will stop off an pick up supplies on the way to the train for after tea!


    NB - Lilac* lubs her daughter very much and I'm only borrowing cos I haven't got one of my own yet image
  • Well I just asked my hubby how I would get him to do it (he is supposed to be doing his also...) and he said if I was to guarentee him a "blow job" he would rush off and do it.... I'm not about to do it mind.... were married now so its not that I have too (hehe)... apart from that can you not take a morning off work and help him... my oh half doesn't want to take it down himself so I have to do it (under my arm pit to keep it the right temperature)... sorry can be any more helpfull cause men will be men!!
  • hmm blow job....that would break my cardinal rule of only on birthdays and crimbo!!! Taking the morning off works an idea thou he's probably more worried about dropping it off than anything else :roll: :roll:
  • Jules- okay she can stay up late!! The feet thing isn't limited to ur pjs either u might want to warn DH that she's more than happy to put them down the back of his anything to warm them up socks wont stop it either! have fun!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx P.S have popped a cooking apron in bag make sure u don't turn ur back on her she's sneaky and will like the bowl while the mixtures still in it!!!
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