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5yrs ttc and on the verge of giving up!

Hi ladies! I’m hoping to find someone who understands and relates to me! I’ve been ttc for 5yrs now! I’m in my 20s and in perfect health and now getting checks on my fertility! 

Im so anxious about all of it; every month I do everything right, I don’t think about pregnancy till I’m due for AF and then I’m a wreck hoping I don’t come on yet every time I do! 

Being a mother is all I’ve ever wanted! I grew up in care homes and I haven’t a family so all I want it my own! My OH is so supportive and reassures that we can adopt if necessary but I can see he’s upset by it! 

Someone please tell me they understand or give me hope. I’m loosing the will to live here! 


  • @Kayleighh012
    you should always have hope..
    you are still young and I’m sure you will be blessed with a healthy baby soon.
    what prenatals are you on? 
    Vitamin code prenatals although a bit more expensive are all natural.

    also I’ve read vitex and maca (natural herbs) help fertility and conception.

    check your TSH levels in your recent blood test as they should be <2.5 to conceive.

    i am sure you will get the family you long for. 
    Mom nearly twice your age and have been wanting my own family for the last decade.. you have to believe that it will happen for you.
    good luck 
  • I had a similar experience to you. I am in my 20s and was trying to conceive for 6 years with nothing happening. I thought that i was not able to conceive at all. Then fell pregnant last year sadly miscarried at 16 weeks but it gave me hope that I could conceive. Again I'm pregnant again 11 weeks. So don't give up hope :) 
  • I'm really sorry you've all had to suffer this. I've not thought about babies until I am now 30 and the thought that I might be trying for a long time terrifies me. Just remember there are lots of options, speak to your doctor, ask for advice, try not to get jealous of pregnant women, you never know how hard they might have tried to concieve. I feel like sometimes it feels like a lonely job trying to make sure you do this and that right but know there are people in exactly the same boat. You are not alone! 
  • Don’t give up hope x
    My parents tried for 12 years to have me!!
    (It takes a long time to create perfection  ;)
  • Hi guys! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one! I know I shouldn’t give up hope, it’s just so difficult. I’m going to request a blood test and see what that says. I had been taking folic acid but where nothing was happening I lost hope with that as well! It’s so hard when everyone around you is falling pregnant left, right and centre! Feels like I’m just never going To have my little family! 
  • Hey hun, you aren't alone. I'm 27 and have been trying for 3 years, with one early miscarriage 2 years ago (diddly squat since). I too have had all fertility tests and in perfect health. My partner is in his 40's and has a slightly lower than usual sperm morphology count, but nothing drastic. It is devastating I know, especially when it seems to come so easily and naturally for others.

    When it does happen for us, our children will bring us greater joy tha  anyone else can imagine, because we have waited so long for them. But it WILL happen, and at least we are young so still have time x
  • We have been ttc for 4.5 years for our finally baby. I know not the same as you are trying for 1... huge hug and try maca and vitex
  • Don't give up things happen when we don't expect them and biggest happiness come with time.
    Try yoga for TTC, hypnotherapy with affirmation, supplements and as daft as it sounds try to visualise how you getting pregnant after intercourse. How two cells meeting each other and starting to form your future baby. I know a good bunch of persons who doing visualisation and getting pregnant same month or in next couple of month.
    If you want some tips on your diet and supplements you can PM me x
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