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Just popping over to see how you are getting on?

You've been in my thoughts. Hope all is ok as it can be right now.

Take care, love NN xx


  • Hello - that is sooooooo nice of you . Well I would say the op has done what it should have done. I feel so guilty typing that I have to remind my self that two consultants told me there was 100% no hope of viability.
    My home tests are coming up less rapidly with fainter line. I am a science nerd so I calculated the time when I thought the HcG should be gone.
    Still having a bit of pain on one side but my ovaries are still very enlarged or impressive as they said at a scan last week and is carrying the solid benign tumour so very explicable. The other structure may as you say been one of the hundred follicles full of blood.
    Will give it a couple of weeks and maybe ask for a scan at the clinic. They have been really wonderful

    How are you any progression with your recurrant MC appointment?
    Wanted to know why the mountain (?Matterhorn) is it somewhere you both visited?

    Thank you so much for your post it really means a lot
  • Hi JJ

    I'm glad your levels seem to be going in the right direction and I hope the pain eases soon.

    You really have nothing to feel guilty for - the doctors know what they're doing and wouldn't have proceeded if they weren't 100% sure. I know you will already know that, but sometimes it helps to hear things.

    I'm glad the team at the clinic have been looking after you so well. I too have been lucky with my treatment at hospital over the last 8 months - you hear some horror stories from other people and it makes you feel grateful because it does help to have understanding nurses and doctors.

    Our recurrent miscarriage bloods should be back next month and we have an appointment with the Fertility Consultant on 27th March - 4 weeks to go. Saw the gynaecologist today (was referred there after mc number 2) but he said there is nothing more they can do than what the fertility/recurrent mc clinic will do. He did say, kindly but firmly, that I need to really work on the weight gain and so my GP has referred me to a dietician. I am determined to gain that weight! I have no desires to be underweight anymore - I just want to be healthy for having a baby.

    We visited Zermatt/The Matterhorn on our honeymoon! My mum is Swiss and my husband took me on a surprise holiday to Switzerland after we'd been together for a year for my 17th birthday! image So we wanted to go back to Zermatt for our honeymoon as that was our first holiday together.

    Anyway, hope everything goes well when you have your next scan.

    Take care, love NN xxx
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