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Merry Christmas Ladies

I hope you all are having a wounderful xmas. I am having a good one. Back online now so thats good!! Well since i last was online i have had my test results ( blood tests) and my dr said that they have no evidence i ovulate. he sent me to have a test to check if my tubes are clear and all is flowing ok there and after a really hard time of getting all the bits inside ( one if the worst things i have ever had done to me) the man doing the test said my tubes are clear and all is flowing well. So it looks like i will need some meds to get me to ovulate every month. Is that clomid?? Someone told me that will increase our chances of having multipules is that true?? Not that im fussed the more the better.

I had to take a break from BE but i have missed you all and i have been thinking about you all and hoping for you all to get BFP. Merry Christmas again ladies and talk soon as im back online now. XX
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