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Moving onto 9th month TTC - how do you all remain positive?

Well my period has raised its ugly head today and we move onto our 9th month. Starting to feel really down that we haven’t managed to conceive yet. We are both nearly 35 so have started fertility investigations. Feeling convinced we will end up needing IVF as my luteal phase only averages 11 days which I think must be too short for us to conceive. Everyone around me either has children or is pregnant. How do you all stay positive. I know in the scheme of things 9 months isn’t long but when we are hitting our fertile days each month (with bbt tracking & ovulation sticks confirming this) I just don’t understand why we aren’t getting even the slightest hope of a pregnancy. 
About to go and have coffee with a friend who conceived in her first month of trying which doesn’t help!!


  • I know how you feel Db1985 some months im okay with it and then others its hard usually when I find out someone is pregnant, what investigations have you had? We are waiting for a first appointment x 
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