PCOS and weight loss.....Anyone a member of Curves Gym?

Hi girls..... Having been diagnosed with PCOS a while ago and 3 years of TTC with no luck i have decided that i really need to shift some weight...... Want to lose about 2 stone!

Do you belong to Curves, what do you think of it and have you lost weight going?

Also checking their website i can't find a membership price,any idea on costs?

I've printed off a free weeks pass which i'll try to use this week but some feedback from any users would be really helpful....... Cheers!! image

Any other fitness or weightloss ideas?
Success stories would be great too,to give me motivation!!!


  • Hi GA,
    Cant help with the gym but just wanted to wish you lots of luck with your weight loss. You sound very determined and motivated which is a great start. Im currently doing weight watchers and it is coming off slowly (iv done slimming world b4 and would also recommend that)
    Hope you have fun at the gym image
  • Thanks Looby,
    I always feel really motivated in the beginning then it just kinda goes...... lol!!
    Really gonna try this time,glad you're having success at WW,i may have to try that if this fails eh!
  • Hi GA,

    I'm in a similar place as you, i have PCOS and we have been ttc for 3.5 years with no success. My problem being i hardly ever have a period (1-2 times a year) and therefore do not ovulate. I am overweight, need to lose a good 4.5 stone to be at a good BMI. I have had the best results of weight loss following Weight Watchers last year along with taking Metformin (if you aren't on it, ask your GP/gynae for it), the trouble is i find it hard to stick to long term, but in the 9 wks i did it i lost 13lbs. I have since gained the weight back and more, so am trying to get back into it but finding it hard. We have a thread going on here "2 stone lighter by Christmas" to give eachother motivation etc, you are welcome to join us.

    I looked at Curves, just yesterday. I couldn't see the prices online either but from what i can find after Googling, it is about ??30 a month and you have to enter a 12 month contract.

    Good luck and i'm always here if you need a fellow PCOSer to talk to image

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