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Lap and Dye

Hi girls,

I'm a wimp and I know it - just let you know before I start.

Anyway, can anyone tell me when and why they do lap and dyes? Is it a sort of standard for everyone having fertility investigations?

We've been referred and the one thing stopping me from filing my referral is the thought I might get pushed into lap and dye and I'm terrified of invasive surgery. I have an internal scan booked in three weeks as my LH and FSH levels are wrong, suggestig PCOS but I have no sign of endro.

For those of you who have been thorugh treatment, how are they? Will they take kindly if I say I reallly don't want one an accomodate me??

Thanks girls - I'm such a worrier!!

Rach x


  • Hi Rach

    I do sympathise, it's difficult going through all of this and not knowing what to expect. We've had all of the blood tests and SA and no problems were found so we were given the choice beteen an HSG or a lap and dye. They recommended the HSG since no other problems had been found, so I went for that and it was absolutely fine. I would go for the scan first if I were you and see if they do find any signs of PCOS. If not you may well only need the hsg anyway.

    Something that I've found really helpful is this document: It lets you know what to expect and so far our treatment has followed the guidelines to the letter. In the document it says: 'You have a right to be involved in and make decisions on your care and treatment', so I really wouldn't worry - you should be able to ask for what you want and they can't push you into something you don't want. I've not had a lap and dye, so others who have will be much better placed to let you know what it's like, but if you have to have the hsg it's not too bad at all, not much different to a smear.

    Hope that helps and lots of luck.


  • HI daisy,

    Thanks for that. Yeah I'm happy to have HSG (am I right in thinking that's where they put dye in your tubes with a catherter and then scan you from the outside?) I wouldn't mind that at all. I'm a total control freak and I think it's the thought of having a general which I have never had which totally freaks me out!

    My sis also had so many ops and had to have 2 lap and dyes and i was worried it was standard practise (she doesn't know we're TTC so i can't ask her!).

    Thanks so much for your advice.

    rach x
  • Hi Rach
    The results from my blood tests, follicle tracking etc came back fine but the hospital recommended that I have a lap and dye as well as a hysteroscopy. I didn't feel that it was forced upon me, I just went along with what they suggested as everything else was coming back as okay. When they initially suggested it I was scared as I never had an operation before. However it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I am really glad I had it done. The lap and dye should check for any blockages in your tubes. Personally I think that if that is what the hospital suggest its worth having done as then you can at least eliminate any possible problems or start correcting the problem if they find one. I think the worry comes from the fear of the unknown. I wish you the very best and hope you don't have to wait too long to get a BFP x
  • Hi Hope4bambino,

    Thanks for posting - i know what you mean, but its good to hear it wasn't the first thing they did with you. I think, if in x months time when I've had other investigations done I'll probably be more willing. It's just the thought that I'll get there and it's the first thing they'll want to do. I sometimes feel as though they get so used to ops in hospital they think it's normal and like you i've never had one and it's not normal for us at all - or something which should be done lightly.

    It sounds like they don't rush you into it though which is very reassuring. I expected to have to wait months for an appointment but i think it'll only be a few weeks which seems so soon. I think, maybe, the reason i'm avoiding it is that i'm hoping it'll happen before then. I think a little part of me never believed we'd actually have to do investigations, that we might be lucky enough to get a bfp in the mean time so I think I'm having trouble accepting that.

    Thanks for your help,

    Rach x
  • Ha ha, you're so right. Although for some reason I feel better about that (oh to have the chance) But I think it's because it's natural and normal, whereas having someone cut you open and ferret about really isn't!!

    Thanks so much for that link Daisy it's fab. It says Nice guidelines are that you only have a lap and dye if they suspect endo, pelvic inflammatory disease or an eptopic pregnancy - phew i think I'm clear on those. that document is so helpful - thanks!!
  • Hi Rach

    I felt exactly the same when I was referred for investigations and had the same thoughts. I never thought I would be in this position! However since I have had checks etc at the hospital I have felt better in the sense that I feel things are moving forward. Although its been an anxious time, in a weird way I feel some pressure has been lifted too. Obviously every-ones individual circumstances vary and we will probably find that each person has had different experiences and are being referred for different things.
    Let us know how you get on and I am usually around (although I don't post that much) if you fancy a chat or a moan x
  • Thanks hun, I appreciate it. I think last week finding out i might have pcos, when i have no symptoms and no idea knocked me for six and i'm finding everything very new and confusing now!
    It helps to chat, thank you,

    Rach x
  • Hi rach i had a dye test but not with the laparoscopy it was to check the tubes to see if and how much they were blocked its not very painful but it is rather uncomfortable and they did it whilst i was awake instead of asleep the only thing i was given was a voltarol tablet no other pain relief it doesnt take very long about 15mins.
    Id describe it as having the stuffing knocked out of you if you know whati mean but not painful hunn honest good luck.:\)
  • Hi Rach

    Been AWOL for a few days at a conference so just picked up your message. So glad the link was useful. I found the whole document really informative - so much better with things like fertility tests, etc to know what to expect.

    Lots and lots of luck when you go for your appointment and let us know how you get on.

  • Hi Rach

    I have had the lap and dye and it was fine, felt a bit groggy for a day but the results came back all ok... we had bloods, sperm etc and they recommended that I had it as I have also had pre cancerour cells 2 years before and they wanted to check for scar tissue etc... As others I went along with what they offered and it has all been ok... although still no bfp xxx
  • Hi i went for a lap and dye 2 weeks ago. It was recommended by my gyneacologist after we had 21day bloods and sperm anaylsis.
    The procedure itself wasnt too intrusive and my scar is really small. The pain isnt too bad but you have to relax afterwards (i think i overdid it slightly).
    They found mild endometriosis which i was really shocked about as i didnt have any signs. They managed to get rid of some of it and im gonig back in 6 weeks to discuss with the consultant what to do next.
    Im glad i did it as now i know what is wrong and what my options are now. If i hadnt of had it done i still wouldnt know and would still be TTC with lesser chance of concieving.
  • Hi Rach

    Ive have the lap and dye, the doctor gave me the choice of what i wanted. I decided on this because i didnt want to be awake when they were fiddling about with me lol. Staff were fab, i was really groggy fro a cpl of days and sore and bloated one week later and i was fine.

    Jen xx
  • HI girls,

    Thanks for your posts. I'm still majorly against the idea - lol! But my new zita west influenced zen like state means I really don't care any more!!

    Thank you for all your help

    Rach xx
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