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Vaginismus and IUI

Hi ladies....

So it's a year that I have been married. I suffer with viginismus. Its not very sever like I let my husband to start doing intercourse but then I get so much pain that I tighten up myself and so it never happened fully. I so much counsil myself to relax but I can't..  I never enjoy or have pleasure having or thinking about intercourse. All I wanna do is to have kids... So we finally thought to go for IUI... 

I got all the trigger shoots and was ready to ovulate yesterday and so was called by the clinic to perform the procedure. I had requested them to do it under general ANESTHESIA (GA) . Even my ultrasound specialist told my doctor that I hardly permitted her for TVS and was having pain so Iui must be conducted under GA, yet at the time of the procedure my doctor wasn't willing for anesthesia and told me that it all gonna take 20mins, he will be doing it with extreme care and all gonna be fine. Anyhow it all was a mess and chaos.... As soon as he tried to enter the specula it pained like hell, I paniced and even shouted that they should leave me immediately and I can't bare this all. They tried to relax me but my whole body got tightened up and I couldn't even breath properly... With all the pushs n pulls they though managed to pass the sperm into my left ovary where I was having my dominant follicles. But the pain was horrible and the doctor told me that he wasn't much happy with the procedure and that he didn't know that my viginismus would be that much sever. 

It's been 15hours I am back home but I have pains.... Specially in my left ovary. And it's like till now my cervixs  and ovaries are not relaxed and have stretched out. I am so confused and worried. Have I got some infection inside? I dun want to face that stupid Dr face again :( 

Does it mean my IUI failed???? I am so much stressed out

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