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Advice needed

Well ladies im in need for some advice. Can i 1st say that i havnt been online in ages and i have missed you all and im hoping you are all well and having a good time over the christmas period.

I had my appointment to get my blood test results finally after a 3 month waight. They showed that i dont ovulate but i have been thinking that as my cycles have been really long (CD76 ect) that the day 21 blood would have just missed it. Is that true? My DR sent me for a test (the name i cant remember) to check if my tubes are ok and all is flowing properly and i am glad to say that the guy who did the test said they look good and all is flowing properly. He had to send his findings back to my DR so will prob be early feb before i see him for results ( around 3 months same as getting bloods back i hope) My Dr said if all comes back well and there are no blockages then it will be meds to get me ovulating. Is that clomid he is talking about? Should i not get repete bloods done but just longer between the 1st set and the second insted of just going on meds? What if i do ovulate but just later than he tested? I have myself all confussed ( not hard i know) and it prob wont be for a while still before i get any answers from DR.

All advice will be greatfully recieved.
Thanks ladies. XX


  • Hi
    You are absolutely right, my consultant told me that 21 day blood tests are pretty pointless for people (like us!!) with longer cycles. The point of that test is to check hormone levels 7 days after ovulation, however, that could be day 31, 41, 51, 61 etc for us!!! Well, actually, it could pretty much be any day in our cycles.

    I guess they probably are talking about Clomid as i believe that it encourages ovulation. However, I can't see that it would do you any harm if you were ovulaing, I assume it would just help things along which can only be a good thing!

    Great news about your tubes being nice and clear, maybe a few doses of Clomid will be all it takes to give you a lovely little bean

    Hope this helps a little
    Welsh xx
  • Hi,

    That is fantastic that all your tubes are clear etc. It is true that it would be pointless to have day 21 bloods done if your cycle is longer, it would make sense that if your cycle is quite regular, albeit longer that they take it 7 days before the end of your cycle.

    From the sounds of it they are talking about clomid, we have had several success stories on clomid so I really hope it works for you too image

  • Thankx for the replies ladies. I have heard some people talk about clomid on here but i dont really know much about it. One ladie at work who's daughter had to take it was told she is at risk of having more than one egg fertelise at the one time (twins) is that true? Not that it would bother me the more the better image How long do you take it? Is there anything else the DR will do before giving clomid or when i next see him ( whenever that is) will i get it. So many questions but i am just so glad to be getting somewhere now. Its been a long road to get here. XX
  • You will be at a higher risk of multiply pregnancy on clomid. They dont usually keep you on it for any longer than 6 months, but that varies on your doc. They will monitor you and if you dont fall pg early on they would probably up your dose. You only take it on days 2-6 of your cycle. If they have done all your bloods and everything they prob will just give it to you and then get bloods done in your cycle of clomid to check ovulation. Hope this helps. Xx
  • Sparkly-Flump it is is usually 6 months worth, you are now on month 3. 100mg is classed as 1 dose. I had 3 months of 50mg and 3 months of 100mg. Some doctors do put you on it for longer, mine didn't as I only ovulated the 1st month on it and my cycles went completely awol on it. Good luck honey, I have everything crossed that just up-ing the dose to 100mg is what you needed image
  • Thank you so much ladies that really has helped put my mind and OH mind at ease hearing from you all. Fingers crossed i get clomid when i next see DR and we can get on with TTC. I hope it works for all of us ladies who are TTC. XX
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