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Had my scan...I am normal (phew!)....but confused!!


Well, Hubbie and I both had our tests done now. Have to wait 3 weeks for SA to come back because hospital only write to our GP surgery once every 3 weeks apparently (how rubbish is that!!) :roll:
Fingers crossed it will all be good for him.

Lady that did my scan was lovely. She told me my womb lining was thickening which apparently is a good sign as getting ready to hold the egg. My right ovary had a big black splodge which she said was a follicle (also 4 small ones but she said this was normal and hence I do not have PCOS so that was good)
She said that it was all looking good re fertility. confusion is that bloods say I am not ovulating (although typically I think I am this month as I have the sorest boobs every for the last few days and this would fit in with my cycle as week 3 of a 5 weeks cycle approx).

Does anyone know...would the scan have shown up any other probs (e.g blocked tubes, endometreosis etc) if I had them or will I still have to go under investigation for this seperately?

Also...assuming sore boobs are because I am ov...does anyone know whether this means I am actually ovulating now or that I am about to ovulate (hope this makes some sense!)




  • Hey Sugarpuff

    That makes more sense now, thanks!
    Was wondering re ovulation because I have been getting really bad pain in my right side for 2 days now but it is nearer to the hip bone than where I assume ovaries to be....I think this ttc lark is turning me into a hypochondriac!!

    Am not sure re the bloods being done at the right time because it is always just a guess re the right time, have had them done 3 times...just waiting for the 3rd lot of results.

    Hee hee - I am having the same nipple 'problem'...thank heavens for padded bras too as I cannot wear a normal one at the moment - can't stand the pressure on my nipples!!! imageops:

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