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recurrent pregnancy loss & male infertility

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Most of you will no that recurrent pregnancy loss is classed as three or more consecutive miscarriages.

I wondered who out there falls into this category and what investigation and treatment you have received?

I know about laujai is there any more ladies? Did you ever find out the cause? How far did you carry each time? What is your current situation?

My Story:

In June 2009 I had a BFP followed by very heavy AF at 5wks, I class this as a chemical.

At the end of Jan 2010 I had a very traumatic m/c at 10wks (Conservative management), I got an infection and then 3 wks later had to have an ERPC anyway

I also had another BFP in March 2010 followed by very heavy AF at 5wks, I class this as another chemical.

I am now on CD30 of a 27 day cycle with a very very faint 2nd line on HPT and no AF yet, I am praying this is not another chemical. So far neither pregnancy nor AF has been confirmed, so although rare for me, this could be just a late cycle??

FYI: due to psychological desire I see 2nd lines so often, that I no longer consider them as BFP's I only consider a digital BFP as confirmation.

I am 34, have two daughters (13 & 9) from a previous relationship, and last year passed all fertility tests, perfectly healthy, ovulating etc. My DH is 40, has no children and after fertility tests last year (Sept 2009) was thought to have Oligoasthenoteratozoospermia this basically means, fewer than 20 million sperm per ml with less than 50% being motile and more than 85% abnormally shaped. After a few months of improved diet, lifestyle changes etc. my DH had repeat semen analysis which showed a marked improvement in sperm quantity from 10 million sperm per ml to 18 million sperm per ml however the motility and morphology was still poor.

In spite of that we are managing to conceive but don't appear to be keeping our beans for very long :\( So, Without any tests, just going from our clinical history it looks like the problems might be abnormal sperm morphology causing weak embryos and / or chromosomal abnormalities that can not survive to maturity?

Anyway, it'd be good to hear some other RPL stories and understand a bit more about it. What's your story?

Thanks FT xxxx :\)

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  • hi FT, sorry no advice but i have my fingers crossed that this is a sticky bean!


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  • Hiya Fairy, I also have no experience of this, but just wanted to wish you loads of luck (it sounds like a BFP to me - a line is a line!). For what it's worth I think the chemicals and m/c could be just very bad luck and not necessarily indicate a problem. I am sure you could have further investigations re: sperm if you wanted to, but hopefully that won't be needed! I have definitely read of quite a number of ladies on here who have had recurrent mc but then conceived and given birth so please don't give up hope lovely. Keep us posted xx
  • Thanks for you lovely comments x

    Sadly AF came about an hour ago
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