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Hello wanted to pick yor brains a bit.

Was talking on last post about contacting hospital to try and pre arrange our next appt and phoned today. They advised that once OH had SA it would be 12 week wait to have review appt? WFT is the crack with the time limit I talked to the girl and she advised at this appt we would discuss results then put on waiting list for more tests once tests completed another 12 weeks to see consultant an dthen if rec to fertility another 13 weeks!!!


So I phoned the RFC directly and they said they can do all the same stuff and to get GP to get a letter directly to them, BTW he recommended a dr to me (I'm not gonna post it as if I do as would any one any one form our neck of the woods would ask for them and put up waiting list!!! However send me your email and I'll give details to you!!! LOL apparantly v good and female. So what do you thinkg I should do, he said if you have already had tests that you straight to stage 2 (SA and bloods at day 1-3 and 21) was thinking to keep oh appt for 30/03 and make dr appt for that day to get ltr sent off as would have had to wait 12 weeks any way for gynae????

Does this make sense, it is so frustrating to that you have to carry on like this instead of the dr just sending you there in the first place? Also I didn't ask re private consultations before treatment (couldn't afford actual treatment but owuldn't mind if poss speeding up testing process?) Have you looked into this or spoke to any one in same situation?

Sorry re long post!!! LOL

Also CBFM showed two 3 bar days then 2 bars yes and 1 bar today I am assuming that I have ovulated as I am on 28 day cycles? well we bd'd every night since sunday any way so assuming we've covered ourselves!!!!!

How are you doing?

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  • Aw I am not doing too bad! Can't believe i am about to say this but I can't wait for AF to arrive and then i can go and get my HSG appointment!! At least then I will feel like i am getting somewhere - ofcourse it would be great if AF didn't show for another 9 mths but the fact that the consultant told me i don't ovulate i think AF will be here on Tuesday!

    I haven't asked about prices to have a private consultation but my registrar told me that you can have an initial consultation private and then go onto the normal list - it just means not having to wait the 13weeks to be seen.

    If i were you I would try and see if you could be referred direct to the clinic at least then your 13 week wait would start now and keep your OH SA appointment because by the time the 13 weeks comes around you will have the results and can take them to the clinic with you.

    I think my consultant wanted me to go direct to the clinic so that I would be on their books and get the whole process started.

    You say you're a teacher? Primary or secondary? I'm primary trained but only ever subbed and now i'm in accounts!!

    Let me know how you get on with the referrals and appointments.

    I'll try and set my Babyexpert account up with email so i don't have to post my email address - it could give away my identity!! What age are you?

  • I here ya re the give away!!!! Let me know if you get it sorted there must be some way to communicate privately!!!! LOL

    I am trained as a secondary teacher in Business Studies but teach in a tec, I did opposite to yu!!! I worked in offices for years and then became a teacher!!! LOL I'm 27.

    Re the appointment I though about that too but the guy at RFC said I couldn't do it but like you say how would they know? Sure you'll not get looked at for 3 months any way. Think I'll phone the docs tomorrow and see what she says, suppose she could put on letter that SA to be carried out in next few weeks so they know not to book us in for this.

    I would love to be a primary teacher if I had to do it again would deffo stay on a school and be a primary teacher although jobs over here are hard to come by!!!!!!

    What age are you? I'll see re my email too if I get a solution I'll let you know (I teach IT too so I don't have an excuse not to work it out!!!! LOL)
  • I'm 27 too!!! Not teaching anymore because of the difficulty of finding a job!!

    I have been referred to the fertility clinic and I am also waiting to have the test done at antrim and my 13 weeks have already started! I would talk to them as my referral has stated on it that I am awaiting an HSG.

    I really would try for it! Anything is worth a go!!

    I tried to add my email button and thought it had worked but obviously not!!

    I'll give it another go!

  • Yeah the email button is working!!

    If you give me the name of the consultant i'm not sure what to do with it if you know what I mean. I have already been referred to Prof McClure. I dunno how to get changed between them!

  • I emailed you xx
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